Saturday, 1 September 2012

The Weekend that was…

We spent the weekend down in Otaki so we could go to Toby and Tash’s engagement party. We also managed to enjoy some other adventures while down there…



  • “Driving” Thomas the Tank engine at the park with cousins.
  • Visited the Levana Factory Shop in Levin and left with some gorgeous merino fabrics for a steal. (It was my first time there and I almost hyperventilated!)
  • That night Andrew attended the Master Builder’s awards and a job he designed won a silver award; meanwhile I caught up with my sister and played dress-ups while the grandparents babysat. (More on the dress-ups in my next Wardrobe Wednesday post.) 



  • Checked out a potential wedding venue with a couple of lovebirds.
  • We also found some other lovebirds while there – these 2 doves were released at a wedding a few years ago but have never left. (Do you think we could re-capture and re-release them? I think this would count as recycling.)
  • In the afternoon we went to Toby and Tash’s engagement party, our reason for coming down (but somehow I didn’t take any photos while there!?!)
  • Drove home that night.



  • Father’s day breakfast before church. Card from here.
  • Father’s day backyard picnic after church and we enjoyed a ‘Coke with Andrew.’ (Great marketing ploy Coca-Cola!)
  • Still going as I type – Andrew is enjoying watching the cricket.

What did you get up to this weekend? How did you celebrate Father’s Day?

Jenny x


Bron said...

Love your dress..and love coke.....

We spent the day with all the fathers in our family eating lovely sweet treats. Have a great week.xx

Anthea Livingstone said...

Can't wait for Wardrobe Wednesday and find out more about this stunning dress that you are wearing Jen :)