Friday, 28 September 2012

‘round here

Sorry I haven’t been popping in here quite as regularly these last couple of weeks.

The truth is, I’ve been a bit pre-occupied with a pretty exciting, top secret project, that I’ll reveal to you at a later date.


In the meantime, here’s a look at what I’ve been working on today – a few more blocks of my cherry pie quilt.


Apart from that, I’ve been…

… roasting chicken, negotiating the custody of favourite toys, marvelling at how fast my kids grow, and trying to make a plan for the upcoming Kids Clothing Week Challenge.

Are you joining in this time round?

Jenny x


Cassandra said...

Your quilt is looking lovely :)
I'm tempted to join in on this challenge... it's a fantastic idea!
Can't wait to see what you sew :)

Sophie Slim said...

Ar! I want to know secrets nooow! What a tease! ;)

I love the sound of the KCWC - I've marvelled in previous years and vowed to do it, but I can't this year i'll be away from my sewing machine that week. Considering doing it at a belated date though!

shorty said...

My first thought about your secret project was ... "Hmm, I wonder if that's the same sort of secret project I had in 2010??" Hehe - I'll wait with baited breath to find out!

Next time you're in Welly I'd love some quilting lessons - a friend of the MIL gave me a set of fabrics and a pattern for a quilt and I've prewashed and preshrunk and have NO idea what to do next!!

Roslyn@Sew Delicious said...

Those quilt blocks are looking totally gorgeous! Can't wait to see more. Not sure if I'll do KCWC this time, although Anna needs some new stuff for summer. I might cheat and cut some stuff to get ready ;)

JulieK said...

Love the quilt blocks! Looks like it will be amazing all put together! Such pretty colors!

Notchka said...

Yup I'm in for the clothing challenge too - can't wait to see what you come up with. The quilt is really soft and pretty - is it for you or your daughter?