Sunday, 9 September 2012

I ♥ bunting

I think my first association with bunting flags was when I doing backstroke for school swimming and those little flags were meant to remind that the end of the pool was near so I didn’t bump my head. (I still managed to bump it most times anyway – I like running and most sports, but I’m not a naturally talented swimmer!)

Fast forward (quite) a few years and bunting flags are everywhere, especially used as decoration in baby’s nurseries and kid’s bedrooms.

I’m still plodding away at making stuff for the upcoming market, including a few strings of bunting.


So far I’ve made nautical, pirate and tea-party bunting and have some vintage sheet bunting cut out and ready to go.

I looked around our house and thought I’d show you some of the bunting we have round here…


One of two buntings in Isabelle’s room!


… And one of two in Noah’s room as well! This was one of the first things I sewed for him.

Here are some other bunting related products I found on Felt

Brass Bunting necklace from Sly Fox Jewellery

I WANT one of these sooo bad!

Spring Tote Bags with bunting design

and of course … DIY Mini bunting made by the super clever Stella

There are a heap more – see for yourself

Do you have a bunting collecting habit/ obsession like me?

Jenny x


Alyna Higgs-James said...

I love bunting, I'm making my first lot at the moment, but my ends aren't as good as yours! How did you do the initials, that's super cute.

Anonymous said...

Oh I sure do Jenny. I was a little obsessed with them for a while so have quite a few gracing corners of our home :)
Love your nautical bunting.

Cassandra said...

I really love the nautical bunting. All of these are lovely though.

Hootnz said...

I share your love of bunting... it started when my boys were little to brighten up their room.... and it hasn't ceased since then.

Loving yours too ")

Mollie Robinson said...

aw cute! LOOVE isabelle's!!

A little bit Country said...

Hello my name is Elaina and I'm addicted to..........BUNTING!!!! Seriously, I feel I have to restrain myself from putting it up everywhere at home. I think I may even be slightly obsessed! :-)