Monday, 13 August 2012


I’ve drawn the winner of my Owly Baby giveaway via I tried to copy and paste the graphic from there, but it didn’t work – so instead you’ve got these pictures of Noah doing his best ‘winner’ face.



(We made the salt dough medals using this tutorial, in case you’re interested…)

… but, I digress…

The winner is (drum roll please)…

Entry #14 – Aussiemumbecc

Congrats – I will email you shortly and then pass your email address onto Becky at Owly baby who will email your choice of patterns…

And for the rest of you remember that you can still get 30% off all PDF patterns (except bundle packs) at the Owly Baby etsy shop, using the code ‘MakeNew30’ at the checkout!

*EDIT: I should have noted that the discount code applies until tomorrow, Tuesday 14/08/2012. My apologies!

Jen x

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Sophie Slim said...

Thanks! After not winning *sniff* I had to go ahead and order two patterns anyway! Yippee! Thanks for sharing this super cute business with us!

(if you wondered, I'm getting the two pictured in this post! The jacket and wrap dress!!)