Monday, 20 August 2012


The Hawkes Bay/Hastings City Council should really offer me a job as some kind of virtual tour guide. Having only lived here for around a year and a half we still have the wide-eyed appreciation of tourists, but also the benefit of a bit of local knowledge and pride. A perfect combination in my book.

On Saturday we went to Waimarama. I don’t think we’d been there since our lovely camping holiday with Poppa and Granny-Lynn earlier in the year. (Ohhh look how little Isabub was!)

Anyway we had a great time and now have a lot of sand (still) in the car to prove it!


Due to some better than anticipated weather and some close encounters with the water, the kids soon stripped off their jeans and footwear.

Isabelle discovered her shadow and was seen pointing at it and telling it to ‘go over there’. Andrew managed to catch these precious moments on camera.


She tried to run away from it and was quite surprised when she turned back around that it had managed to follow her.

We had some family stay on Saturday night and then we all went and enjoyed a soak at Ocean Spa on Sunday night. A good weekend.

What are your favourite things to see and do in your region?

Jen x


Notchka said...

Oh that is freaking adorable about Isabelle and her shadow. I hate to be a downer, I few people have asked me what my favourite things to do in Chch are at the moment. Its a case of ask me again in 18 months when stuff reopens :/

Amy Seven-Stitches said...

The shadow sounds like a Margaret Mahy story about to happen. My favourite thing at the moment is to spot the latest lot of trees to burst into blossom - there are wilding plum trees on all the best roadsides.

Hootnz said...

Adorable photos, and ones to treasure in years to come :)

Still finding things at the moment.... but leigh beach and waipu cove have always been good spots around here :)

ella d said...

WOW! That cliff face is amazing! What fantastic photo's and I love the story of Isabelle.

Anonymous said...

We went to a gpic concert at the Opera House on Sunday. The girls and I bought some books from Arty Bees and we also went to a Chinese Grocery Store. Glen met his guitar daddy. I loved the plaster work detail on the ceilings.