Sunday, 12 August 2012

Sunshine and rain

IMG_5223b and wIMG_5224

On Friday we had a beautifully sunny day. The kids and I went on a lovely little adventure with Toby (my brother-in-law), Natasha (his fiancĂ©)and their friend Jarred. We went to Ocean Beach, ate fish and chips, and cupcakes from here and then stopped at this lovely waterfall you see pictured on the way home. (I’m told it’s called Maraetotora falls.)

Then the last couple of days it has rained, at some points torrentially and has been pretty rubbish weather really!

Life can be a bit like that really, with all it’s ups and downs. Generally speaking though I only blog about the ‘ups’ or sunny times. This is because my blog is for a way of focussing on the positives and counting my blessings in what is often seen as the mundane and thankless role of the stay at home Mum.


A cookies and cream cupcake from the Sugar Queen Bakery – note the surprise Oreo biscuit on the bottom.

But please can I assure you that my life is NOT all cupcakes, sunshine and perfectly happy smiling kids! Far from it.  

I’d been wanting to do a ‘keeping it real’ post for a while now, and after reading Sarah's awesome one this morning I decided to jump on the bandwagon.

I’m a firm believer that social media (blogging, facebook etc) can be wonderful but also can be dangerous.

I while back I read this article entitled 'Is Facebook making you depressed?' and remember thinking about how easy it is to look at the happy smiling photos and status updates chronicling success and fun times and get caught up in comparing ourselves to others. (In fact I wrote a little about how the internet age can be a bit like “keeping up with the Jones’s on speed” previously here.)

When I read other’s blogs, or go on facebook, I try to be happy for others joys and successes, while at the same time taking everything with a grain of salt.  I try to remember that, like me, most people are putting their best face forward, trying to focus on the positive.

I saw this quote on Talia Christine's blog recently and couldn’t agree more.

And as a Christian, I would add that the only one I want to compare myself to, is God, to see how much I fall short from His perfect holiness and realise my need for salvation – which is my TRUE source of joy.


But, you say … you said this was going to be a ‘keeping it real’ post, but so far you’ve only ranted on about the dangers of comparison, interspersed with sugar coated pictures of cute kiddies. (Sorry, I have too much to say on the topic and too many pictures of cute kiddies – my bad!)

Here’s the reality: We face the daily stresses that come from trying to survive on a one income budget, just like many other families. Also Andrew is self employed and while owning your business opens up lots of possibilities, there are stresses that come from this as well. He also works away from home 2 nights a week. We manage, but this can be hard at times. Like most Mums I worry about whether I’m doing everything right. And today; both kids have the sniffles, Isabelle woke up with conjunctive itis in one eye, and I only showered (while Noah banged on the door) and got dressed at midday, until which point I was still in my snot-encrusted (the kid’s not mine) PJs.

Real enough for you?

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small + friendly said...

What a beautiful post. And great pictures! I struggle with how much reality to share but I think a tiny dose here and there helps all feel a little better. I hope the little ones feel better soon. Hang in there, you're clearly doing a terrific job!