Monday, 27 August 2012

Some things I have learnt recently

1) The above is very true. Especially when it involves Isabelle and margarine.

(Andrew and I were enjoying a sleep in the other day – only to discover the TV had been turned into a margarine sculpture.

2) If your husband puts a bag of his smelly gym clothes in the washing pile and says “it all needs to be washed”, it is still worth checking the contents.

3) If an electric shaver does go the wash cycle it can still work provided you first dry it out in the hot water cupboard… However, after a short while it will start eating your husband’s face.

4) A 1.5 year old can consume an average of 3 Weetbix for breakfast, and on special occasions 4.

5) I have quite a complicated answer to the question; ‘What kind of bread do you like?’ The answer is usually multigrain – but can depend on the context.

For example, with sausages and tomato sauce the answer is always white, but for toast then the answer is almost always multigrain (preferably vogels) although if it is with eggs then it depends how they are cooked. Poached = vogels toast, fried = white toast. I think I need a flow chart.

6) It is not a good time to wear non-waterproof mascara when:

a) Playing Balderdash with your husband and he gets the word “swazzle” and it’s your turn to read them out (and his self confessed main objective of the game is to make me laugh.)

b) When swimming at the hot pools and you decide to put your head under.

7) I need to invest in some waterproof mascara and a new shaver for Andrew.


Have you learnt anything new recently?



thingsforboys said...

Two things - 1. I love balderdash! My favourite Christmas ever involved a very long game! 2. I'm glad my son isn't the only one who eats a crazy amount of weetbix for breakfast.

Jenny Young said...

I should also clarify:
1) It is me that needs the waterproof mascara not Andrew - in case that sentence is ambiguous! he he!
2) I laughed til I cried during that Balderdash game
3) I purposefully didn't disclose Andrew's definition of 'swazzle' here - its not very PC... but I may tell you privately in an email, if you ask me nicely :)

shorty said...

Hilarious post Jen! Love it!

Miriam said...

ha ha ha ha love, love, love this post!!!!

Hootnz said...

Great post! you made me reminisce - like when we were having a sleep in and my youngest boy ( also under two at the time ) threw a whole tray of 30 eggs at the back of the pantry! Ha those were the days ")