Sunday, 5 August 2012

Small Style: at the park

roundabout 1roundabout 2

We’ve had so much rain here recently that when it was fine yesterday we packed the kids in the car and headed to the park.

I didn’t realise it at the time, but I’d dressed both kids in coloured denim.

noah bikeIMG_5053IMG_5068

I quite like the coloured denim trend and was considering buying a pair for myself, but Andrew convinced me it would probably just be a fad, so I didn’t. (He’s usually right about these things.)

So I thought I’d live vicariously through my kids – after all they’ll probably grow out of them before they’re ‘off trend’ and you can be a bit adventurous with colour when you’re young, right?

Noah 1noah 2

Noah wears: jeans – Cotton on kids, shoes – JK kids outlet ($5), T-shirt – thrifted, cardigan - made by me out of 1 of my old tops.

Isabelle wears: jeans – Cotton on kids, shoes – Hoof (a gift), merino onesie (underneath) – made by my Mum, grey hoodie – T&T with flower appliques by me, hat – free from our Doctor’s surgery.

And because I can’t help myself, here’s a few photos from today of Isabelle wearing her brother’s oversized coat. (Isn’t she cute?)

bub in Noah's coat

bub in coat 2

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Days Of Our Lives said...

These are gorgeous photos Jen. Love the new blog header too. I'm thinking I need to pick your brains about blog design. I've just worked out how to put a soundtrack to mine, it is still giving me a fright everytime I log on and the music automatically starts up. Hmm, will see how long it lasts, may be very annoying! Anyway would an evening suit you if I popped around once all the kids are in bed. I'll bring cake if you provide some blogging tutorials! :0

Jenny Young said...

Sounds like a plan Anna! Not that I know much - I just play around on Pic Monkey! I wouldn't turn down cake and your company though - sounds fun! I'm free every night this week except Tues and Thurs... anyway I have a belated birthday present I need to get to you! x

sascedar said...

they look so cute in their trendy denim! love the pics at the park, glad you got some sunshine :)

Shannon :: The Scribble Pad said...

very sweet photos. I jumped on the colored denim band wagon, and haven't worn them - we have been having a crazy heat wave! - so I think you took the right route, outfit the kiddos instead!

Katie said...

So cute! I have to admit to spontaneously buying a few pairs of colored denim....while pregnant, so they are just now fitting me, 6 months later, in the middle of summer. :) But I did buy them at Target, so they were at least cheap. I just can't resist bright colors!!! Your kiddos are super cute!