Thursday, 23 August 2012

Crafts with Noah


Meet Noah and Isabelle of the cardboard (and felt and fabric) variety.

Our local ‘dollars and cents’ store is closing down and is having a half price off everything sale. I went there yesterday and spent about $5 on these little cardboard people and some felt.


Isabelle slept through the crafting session but Noah had a blast.


Noah also made a bed for his little men – at this point he was scolding the yellowed-haired fellow at the bottom of the picture, for wearing his shoes in the bed!


I made a little Noah and Isabelle – do you see the resemblance?


It turns out it is MUCH quicker to make clothes for 2 dimensional cardboard kids than the real ones.

I’ve saved a few of the cardboard people because I have a pretty nifty idea of perhaps using them to make dress up/ paper dolls. I think I’ll make a few hairstyles and outfits and then scan them onto my computer and add tabs, so they then call be printed out on cardstock.

If there’s enough demand I might even make free printables for you good people too! 

As for little Noah and Isabelle … well they’ve made themselves nice and comfy in their new home on Noah’s pin-board.


Have you done any fun crafts with your kids recently? (I think the best ones are where you get to have fun making something too!)

And did anyone else have dress up/paper dolls as a kid like me? I have so many great memories of playing with mine – such a simple yet classic toy!

Jen x

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small + friendly said...

What a great idea, it seems you had as much fun as Noah! That's my kind of kid craft!