Wednesday, 8 August 2012

An embellished blanket (& a couple of tips)

I’ve been collecting and making little things for when Isabelle moves into her ‘big girl bed’ … like this and this.

A while back I picked up a plain, white woollen blanket from the op shop and now I have embellished it by adding ribbon to the top and by appliqueing some teapots on it. (Recognise the teapot fabric from anywhere?)


I didn’t take a before picture – but I’m pretty sure you can use your imagination.


Last week over at 'Our Creative Space' we were given the challenge to share a tip for staying creative.

It turns out I have done this before – in fact sharing 29 (albeit someone else’s) tips for staying creative.

But now I thought it was time to share a couple of my own (and what do you know they tie in with what I’ve created this week!) …

Jenny’s tip #1 – When in a creative slump, or just trying to (re)discover your creative side, take on an ‘Instant Gratification Project’ (IGP), like the little embellishments to this blanket. IGPs give you maximum results for minimum effort – something to give you the satisfaction and confidence that comes with finishing something. I tend to undertake lots of little IGPs while also having a longer, more time consuming project going on at the same time.

Jenny’s tip #2 – Something else that I find cultivates creativity is re-cycling/ re-using something and turning into something else. Whether it’s a full scale re-style/ change of use, or a simple embellishment (as I’ve done here); using something in a different way makes you think out of the square and also uses inexpensive resources.

And speaking of creativity and re-cycling, stay tuned as I plan to post the latest instalment of 'The Recycled Roundup' later today.

Joining in with 'Our creative space' (and possibly also here, here, here and here!)

Jenny x


Sophie Slim said...

I love this! So sweet!!

I agree with yours tips, but hardly ever practice #2 - I'm not really an opshopper (Okay, I'm not at all) so I never have things to upcycle really. Sometimes I keep clothes when I accidentally break them but they dont really turn into anything else (except in a pile)

Keep up the excellent creative work!! x

Fay said...

Cute! Great tips (I'm currently in a bit of a creative slump, *sigh*).

Thrifty said...

Super cute, I managed to pick up one of these blankets the other day, I should totally do something with it, Im all about Instant gratification projects!

Notchka said...

Great use of leftover teapots!

Lea said...

Great tips and a very sweet blanket.
Ps your kiddos are adorable.