Wednesday, 1 August 2012

A cushion of many colours

PicMonkey Collage

Inspired by this pin and wanting to brighten up our otherwise neutral bedroom a bit, I set out to make a colourful geometric cushion.

It was fun. I pieced the triangles together with some left over batting on the back to make the front panel and quilted it. To make the back panel I used some of the leftover black gingham/ check fabric from Noah's shorts and made an envelope opening as per this super easy tutorial. 

If you’re new to quilting I totally recommend making something like this (but perhaps start with squares.)It’s obviously a lot less work than making a whole quilt and a great way to learn and practice.


As you can see the cushion totally goes with some of the art work on our bedroom wall. Top and bottom left: 2 pieces of Dee*construction prettiness (including the little water colour of Noah’s knees for winning this); Right: 'Ever-after' print from Foundry.

The kids love the cushion. Whenever they get a chance they leap into our bed and cuddle up with it.



She is NOT allowed up on the window sill by the way! Cheeky!

Joining in with 'Our creative space' (and also here, here, here and here!) – so much inspiration!

Jen x


Kristin said...

oh, snap! I've been wanting to make a geometrical pillow for ages. Yours looks amazing, it's giving me itchy fingers for my sewing machine! (something that unfortunately has to wait a while longer...) xx

Miriam said...

lovely, love the triangles and how they make a carnival atmosphere!

flowerpress said...

Its beautiful, I love the triangle design, I've been meaning to have a go at that.

Brenda @ Mira Narnie said...

bah! i love it! i did the same and made a geometric quilt just for the end of our bed. here is the link

by using heaps of bright scraps of fabrics it makes our neutral bed pop! But now i think a little pillow might just be required too! i love it. well done xx

FaerySarah said...

i love it! its awesome! its like a super bunting pillow!

BE said...

Your cushion is great! I'm inspired.

Ginx Craft said...

What a lovely pattern and colours. It makes me think of old-fashioned harlequins.

Bron said...

Very fancy indeed....lovely and colourful x

Love Sundays said...

I love this, great pattern, would like to do the same in a quilt.
Love your colours too.

Claire Jain said...

Yay! I love your triangle cushion :-) Thanks for sharing!

Miss Muggins said...

Gorgeous cushion. I love the colours and the design.