Monday, 9 July 2012

{Recycled Round-up} Up-cycling clothes

I love the term 'up-cycling', don't you? Sometimes I get so caught up with re-using something and being thrifty, but then realise, that I don't really like the end product (not cool.) Instead, it's much better when you re-cycle something and the end product is way better than the original and perhaps even better than what you could buy new.

For me that's what 'making new' is all about - giving something a new lease of life, and making it better.

I made another 'manligan' out of an old top of mine - it's a top that I've had since my later teenage years/ early twenties, and I haven't thrown it away (read: donated it to an op shop) because it still fits, is in good condition...  but it's not really my style anymore so it's sat dormant in my drawers...

That is, until now:

Here are some other great ideas for up-cycling old clothes:

1) Make some super cute bracelets from old T-shirts

2) How about a memory quilt? - These are heirlooms made from old cherished babies clothes.

(I love this idea - but I'm not ready to chop into our baby clothes, who knows we may still need them yet!)

3) Here's a tutorial for a cute little baby hoodie (made from old sweaters) from The Golden Adventures of a Very Dark Horse blog.

4) And here's one for a bit of nostalgia..

image source
Unless you've got a magnifying glass this may be hard to read - my favourites are the silk panties: "odd silk scraps make attractive panties... don't be shy of more than two colours..." and the husbands pants made into "a good, hard-wearing country skirt."

Please leave a comment if you have any upcycling links/ ideas (yours or others) that you think I should see... and let me know if you plan to try any of these ideas.

If you missed the first instalment of 'Recycled Round-up' go here.

Jenny x

P.S. Did you see me featured over at Daisy and Zelda? Hi to any readers that have popped over from there!


Stella Rutherford said...

Naw, thanks for the shout out! I love Noah's new cardigan, really must have a go at making some more kid clothes..

Roslyn@Sew Delicious said...

I love the idea of a memory quilt! I have so many baby clothes that I can't bear to get rid of. Only problem is that I'm worried that I won't be able to cut into them either!!

Anonymous said...

reading your posts on up cycling always remind me that I want to have a go at sewing. That 'manligan' (haha love that name) is awesome

Emma and Stu said...

Hi there - I'm someone whoo stumbled upon your blog via Daisy and Zelda. I'm also a SAHM to two children and have been rediscovering my crafty side. I'm very impressed you're able to make so many things and blog about them! Very inspiring.

Rutherford said...

this is so great. I so like this idea. thanks for sharing. it gives me more ideas.