Tuesday, 24 July 2012

{Recycled Round-up} Re-using your child’s art

recycled round-up

If your household is anything like mine you get inundated with your child’s artwork and are reluctant to part with any of it. (In fact if you’re anything like me, you also find it hard to let go of all the envelopes of hair from their first, second and third … haircuts.)

I may not have an idea of what to do with all that baby hair… but here are some ideas of what to do with all those precious ‘masterpieces’, starting with something I thought of and did myself today.


We had been given some plain-ish placemats from a friend who was getting rid of stuff in order to move. We already have some placemats so I was intending dropping them into my local oppie, until inspiration struck.

I basically cut the artwork down to size and mod podged it on! I may do a second coat just to ensure that it is properly sealed.


(Please excuse the terrible photos – natural light was basically non existent here today!)

Here are a few other ideas:

1) Turn your child's artwork in softies!

2) Photograph your favourite pieces and compile a photo-book

I definitely intend to do this great idea as the kids get older!

3) I don’t know if this one really counts as ‘re-using’ but it’s always fun to find ways of displaying your kid’s artwork in a new and innovative way…

such as our little gallery which I made and wrote about here.

… And another idea from this blog - paper bunting made from your child's art (obviously we also used some of my painting and a vintage book in the example here.)


… And here's a display idea from pinterest… another version of a gallery..

Do you know any other ways to re-use kid art? Please let know! Also comment with link to a recycled project you have done (doesn’t have to be to theme), or found on the web if you like!

I hope you are enjoying my re-cycled round-ups. For the first and second in the series go here:

Jen x


thingsforboys said...

Great ideas! I love to use kids drawings as wrapping paper for birthday or at Christmas time. Grandparents totally love this!

I have found so many uses for old woollen blankets. I even made a coat!

Roslyn@Sew Delicious said...

Such great ideas Jen. I must by some mod podge!