Friday, 20 July 2012

More shorts on the line

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Inspired by this pin and wanting to get another entry or two into the 'shorts on the line' sew-along before it finishes; yesterday we set off to Spotlight in search of black and white gingham.

While in the shop, Noah took a great liking to some green,blue and white stripey fabric, so much so that he grabbed the whole bolt from his seat in the buggy, just about toppling a nearby mannequin and entire display in the process. He yelled: “I want this fabic!!” (fabric)

Amidst all this I did pause to wonder what the other customers were making of this ‘fabric tantrum’, but I consoled myself by deciding that if they were fellow fabric lovers, they would regard such an incident with awe and appreciation, rather than disgust.

Needless to say we got both the desired fabric and the gingham.


Once again I used the MADE pants with a flat front tutorial. I’ve used this pattern so many times that I basically have it committed to memory. The only adjustment I make is that I fold up the hem once I’ve sewn it and then sew back down – making a cuff and also shortening them slightly to give the length I prefer.

I’ve found it’s impossible to get Noah to stay still for photos – that boy is full of beans!

He did eventually tire himself out though!


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