Wednesday, 11 July 2012


It’s been a funny old week (and it’s only Wednesday). Having just been down to Wellington for a flying visit last weekend, we are due to head back down for another brief trip to see family and go to a friend’s 30th.

Because of all this tripping around it’s felt quite busy, although it’s currently Kindy holidays so we’ve also had plenty of time to sit back and smell the flowers… or in my case sew and create. I have the sewing bug really bad at the moment. (More on that tomorrow)…

Aside from crafting, we’ve been:


…drawing spiders with “hundreds of eyes and lots of legs”


… eating ice-creams at the park.


Finding treasures at the op-shop (vintage baby’s bowl and antique buttons made of bone.)


Receiving gifts of ‘beautiful flowers’…


Indulging in overly chocolatey fluffies.

(Note to barrista: I know you think you are being kind to my child by giving them HEAPS of choc sauce in their fluffy, but really you are creating A LOT of mess for me. This also goes for overly milky fluffies… the name is ‘fluffy’ not milky. This most likely save you lots of extra cleaning once we leave too!)


Receiving some exciting international mail.

Lovely patterned knit fabric from here, and new T-shirt from here.

I’m very excited to share with you what I have been making – hopefully I will tomorrow if I get a chance to take photos before we head away… To give you a hint I have been working on something inspired a bit by this and this.

What have you been up to lately?

Jenny x

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