Wednesday, 18 July 2012

DIY: Your child’s face on a cushion(using freezer paper stencils)

When I first discovered the world of crafty blogs I also discovered things such as freezer paper and mod podge. I haven’t used mod podge yet but did buy some freezer paper recently on trademe (kind of a NZ equivalent to e-bay.)

In case you didn’t already know, freezer paper can be used to make pretty good stencils to paint onto fabric – kind of like the poor man’s version of silk screening.

Here’s how you can make your own cushion covers with your child’s silhouette on them:


I made my own cushion covers using this tutorial, you could do the same, or could just use some plain store bought ones.

After you have this sorted you are ready to create your stencil…

step 1

There are a number of ways to make your silhouette design. I think the easiest way is to take a photo of your child in profile. Enlarge the photo to the size you want and print.

(My printer ran out of ink so Noah’s photo is very light and I free handed Isabelle’s silhouette, by copying the photo. Also please ignore my doodling!)

When I mentioned that I was planning this project to Daisy she directed me to this helpful method.

steps 2-3

These next two steps are pretty self explanatory really, the only thing to mention is to take it slowly and carefully when cutting to make your stencil nice and crisp.


Again, pretty self explanatory. It is important to use permanent fabric paint, as it will last longer, even when washed.

It may also pay to place a bit of scrap fabric or paper under where you are painting in case the paint bleeds through. (My cushions are made of thick furnishing fabric so it didn’t for me.)


My fabric paint bottle directed that I leave the paint to dry overnight and then heat set it by ironing it – do the same if directed to also.

Once this is all done… enjoy your new personalised cushions!



Jen x

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Fay said...

So cool!

Notchka said...

This is such a clever idea. I'm always looking for ways to personalise our home - I might have to do one for each of us!

Thrifty said...

They look awesome! saw the freezer paper on TM, looks like it works well.

Days Of Our Lives said...

Very cool Jenny. I am just in awe of all your craftiness, sewing, opp shopping AND raising 2 very adorable kiddies almost single handedly while hubby is away in Wellington, AND doing this without a car. I really am in awe, and only a tiny bit jealous at what I can only describe as superwoman. Keep it up. Your blog is fab!