Wednesday, 4 July 2012


Have you read this article? Ha-lirious! The US Olympic committee sent a cease and desist letter to knitting website Ravelry, claiming that " ....using the name 'Ravelympics' for a competition that involves an afghan marathon, scarf hockey and sweater triathlon, among others, tends to denigrate the true nature of the Olympic Games...In a sense, it is disrespectful to our country's finest athletes and fails to recognize or appreciate their hard work.

Woahhh! I love the Olympic games and all - but someone needs to take a chill pill!

Over here At my house, I haven't been training for a marathon but I have been crafting away as if it were an Olympic event! (And no, I'm not scared of the USOC, actually I'd pretty amazed and flattered if they stumbled upon this little ol' blog!)

Back when I did the Kids Clothing Week challenge, I discovered and fell in love with the Cirque du bebe blog. I love Sophie's refashioning of old clothes and use of bright colours and whimsical fabrics. 

But what caught my eye most of all, were these delicious 'Manligans' (Manly cardigans). So, on a whim I bought the darling cardigan pattern on the spot. 

This pattern is really easy! I used a size 12 thrifted boys jersey, and because I was able to reuse the ribbing at the bottom and pre-sewn sleeves I was able to save myself about 3 steps, making it even easier. I have another made from an old top of mine in the works - and hope to share it next week in my next instalment of 'The Recycled Round-up.'

It's also such a versatile pattern (with sizes NB-6 years), and unisex - I can't wait to make a couple of light-weight cardis for Isabelle for Summer.

I've also been enjoying my knitting, but have temporarily put down the mittens in favour of this:

I guess I felt the mittens were a bit of a sprint, when I felt like pinning my ears back and getting stuck into something a little more 'long distance.'

Jenny x

P.S. You see that smile on that boys dial - it's because he loves his new cardigan. Whenever I make him something new, he declares it to be his 'fave-it' , and must wear it then. He wore this to bed!


Miriam said...

it looks absolutely gorgeous! Well done I am rather inspired. How did you do the rib along the collar etc? The ballet cardi knitting looks divine as well!

Roslyn@Sew Delicious said...

Wow Jen, I LOVE that little manligan! It looks brilliant! x

Stella Rutherford said...

*sigh* can you come over to my house and make my kids clothes for them? I LOVE the clothes you make your kids - so cute!

Anonymous said...

The cardigan looks really great, I might have to buy the pattern. Knitting even a baby cardigan takes me longer than a baby will probably fit it so sewing might be the way to go!

Hootnz said...

Love the sweater, and isn't it lovely when your kids enjoy them so much! And what a hoot about Ravelry and the Ravelympics, so very silly!

Good to see you are jumping right in! I love knitting, its so satisfying :)

Max said...

that cardi is ace, it really suits the wee fella x

thingsforboys said...

That's ridiculous, I didn't know that was why the Ravlympics stupid!! I love your manligan. You and Sophie are doing a very good job of convincing me to get that pattern!

Eve said...

As someone who struggles to sew on a button (and uses half a reel of cotton in the process), I'm so impressed with your mad skillz! My little man won't be getting any homemade clothes from me. (I could Photoshop childhood photos to make it look like he did, though. How devious and morally bankrupt of me...)

Marjorie said...

The little man sweater is perfect. Wish I still had a little man to sew for. Thank you.