Tuesday, 31 July 2012

“Bubbie” & “Wa-wah”*


*Bubbie and Wa-wah = their nicknames for each other (Isabelle can’t quite say Noah yet.) These two are as thick as thieves.

Noah has become a lot better at sharing with her, and not just his unwanted crusts.

Isabelle will search the house forlornly when he isn’t there, yelling "Wa-wah, wa-wah!”

Noah will tell me off if he thinks I’m not treating her right. “But Mum, Bubbie doesn’t want to go to bed yet.”

When I put Noah in his bed Isabelle snuggles in too and pulls the blankets up with a "tuck-tuck.”


I know this photo is kind of an oldie now, but it sure is a goodie.


They both tell me a lot that they love me, but for Isabelle this sounds more like “I arrr ooo.” When I tell Noah I love him too sometimes he says… “Awww, shucks!” I’m not sure where he got that from. He also likes to tell me how proud he is of me.

It’s extremely cliché to say, but these sorts of things really melt my heart… as do most days when I pick Noah up from kindy and when he gives me the biggest hug and tells me how much he’s missed me. Then I have to pretend I have a little bit of dust in my eye or something, so his teachers don’t see my mushy Mum tears and think I’m a weirdo.

Noah’s sad face and hunched over trudge is something to behold. Over-acted is an understatement, and sometimes I have to bite my lip not to laugh!


another oldie – but ohhhh that bottom lip!

Isabelle has a shoe fetish. She changes her footwear multiple times in a day. Often we’ll be just about to go out the door and I’ll realise she has odd shoes on… sometimes one of her brothers…

…or mine!


She is also a pretty good little helper around the house. Her favourite job is the dishwasher and the cutlery is her speciality.. each time she hands you a fork, knife or spoon she says “go” (here you go).


She’s pretty talented at making mess too – here she is “helping” with the washing…


The last mention has to go to a classic Noah moment. If you follow me on Facebook, you may have seen this pic I posted the other day of Noah (and Woody) enjoying some blue cheese and broccoli soup. Well anyway, I left the room… and a while later Noah came to tell me…


… that perhaps Woody enjoyed it a little too much !? Don’t you love the little concerned face in the background?

It’s been far too long since I updated the 'Noah-isms' and 'dear Isabelle' pages. I will do so in the next couple of days… adding these titbits and anything else I can think of.

What cute things are your kids doing at the moment?

Jenny x


Notchka said...

The names they have for each other are soooo cute. I don't think you're a weirdo for going all teary at Kindy - my girl yells 'Mummy' at the top of her voice and launches herself into my arms - like I've been away for a million years instead of 2 and a half hours - other parents turn and stare, I think their just jealous.

thingsforboys said...

So cute! I love Noah's pout! Roman's latest trick is calling me by my first name. It's cute as long as he still calls me Mama sometimes too!