Thursday, 26 July 2012

A tea party top

I have a little girl who loves all things girly – her dolls, her shoes and tea parties. (She also equally loves playing with cars, trains and splashing in puddles.)

Sometimes on a sunny day she pulls out one of her old baby blankets and some of her ‘babies’ and nestles down in the backyard for a picnic of sorts.

I was inspired by this to start planning her birthday (which is not until November) to be tea party/ picnic themed. I’m pretty organised because I’ve already bought her a little suitcase and tea set and also plan to make some felt cupcakes and a mini picnic blanket for her present.

… Then I found some gorgeous teapot fabric the other day – and was inspired to also make this little top…

IMG_4917PicMonkey CollageIMG_4921IMG_4888

Shhh! Don’t tell her, I’ve put it away for her birthday now!

And here’s the other bits that I’ve collected so far..


Now just to find some little stools so I can make some of these

Because a tea party isn’t complete with a few toadstool seats!

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Jenny x


Jenny Young said...

I forgot to mention what pattern I used. In case you're interested it's this peasant blouse pattern from Prudent Baby: :) Jenny

Bron said...

Such a sweet top...lucky little birthday girl indeed. x

Cassandra said...

That's such a sweet top... I love the trim :)