Wednesday, 25 July 2012

A belated first blog-iversary and some fun facts

image source (are you not salivating?)

Turns out this little ol’ blog turned one the other day, so I thought I’d belatedly celebrate by spilling some ‘fun facts’ about my blog interspersed with pictures of my various blog headers that I’ve had over this last year. (Which I seem to change as much as I do my underwear. No. Cancel that, I do the latter much more often, ok!)

Anyhow! I sincerely hope this is not a snooze fest!



(My first ever header – July 2011)


  • Fun Fact #1

The most interesting search term someone has used in google to find my blog is ‘baby wrestling fabric.’ The mind boggles. I don’t know about you, but this makes me imagine some kind of underground baby wrestling ring.

This search term landed the person on this post when I think they were aiming for something a bit more like this. (You really should check that link out – it’s hilarious!!)


new header #2

(My second header – clearly from a time much sunnier than now!)


  • Fun Fact #2

Definitely NOT the most interesting, but by far the most common search term for finding this blog is the word seagull or seagulls! (118 searches!) As above I imagine the person would also find themself bitterly disappointed upon landing on this post, which is more about my daughter’s weird squawking noises and some terrible camera work than the bird they were looking for.

Also, why are there people out there searching for seagulls on the internet??? They are the most annoying birds around…

And in case you’re wondering Isabelle (in mid tantrum)now has a noise that has matured from ‘seagull’ to Ringwraith (or the worst cry in the world – according to Andrew.)


Summer blog header

Also from a much warmer time – this is one of my favs


  • Fun Fact #3

My Fabric Covered Coat-hangers post is by far the most popular post on my blog. (551 pageviews, compared 266 for that stupid seagull post, the next popular.)

  • Fun Fact #4

The post I’m most proud of (from a non-crafty perspective at least) has to be 'Why Motherhood makes you smarter.'

There are also quite a few (mainly some of my earlier ones) that I’m much less proud of.) But is good to see how much I’ve come in a year in blog writing, photography (well as much as is possible with a basic point and shoot) and crafting!

The craft posts I’m most proud of are a toss up between Noah's little grey blazer and his teepee.


blog header #2

My 4th blog header

  • Fun Fact #5

I’ve had a lot of weird spam comments (thank goodness for blogger’s marvellous spam filter), but the weirdest of all have been on my(apparently highly complex and intellectually stimulating) post called Thrifting and Baking.

Here are a couple of my favs:

“I like this blog its a master peace !”

“I couldn't have asked for a better blog. You happen to be always at hand to offer excellent guidance, going straight away to the point for easy understanding of your site visitors. You're really a terrific pro in this subject matter. Many thanks for being there visitors like me.”

Plus a few more along the same lines of me providing “excellent information” on the clearly difficult issue of thrifting and baking. I’m glad I was able to help out.


remixed header #2 texture

my current header

  • Fun Fact #6

I’ve really enjoyed my first year of blogging and most of all I really enjoyed making a few really good bloggy friends. (Although I do kinda cringe when talking about a blog friend in ‘real life’ and then using the term ‘blog friend’ when asked how we know each other.) It’s great to get inspiration from others, comment and receive encouraging comments and realise that other’s are out there go through the same kinds of things when it comes to this stay-at-home-Mum lark.

In fact I actually made a ‘real-life’ friend (Hi Anna) through blogging – like we actually have met in real-life and stuff.

All in all, I’ve found blogging (and particularly in the crafty Mum niche) a great little community to be a part of.


Congratulations on making all the way through!

Some bloggers host giveaways when their blog-iversary rolls round, not me! Instead you get a collection of (supposedly) ‘fun’ facts! Maybe a giveaway is in order in the not so distant future… I’ll have to rustle up something!

Also, what would you like me to post more/less of, as I move into my second (eeep!) year of blogging?

And, if you’re a blogger, what’s been your weirdest search term/ bit of spam?

Thanks dear readers, and please keep up the comments – I love them!

Jenny x


Roslyn@Sew Delicious said...

Congratulations Jen! Loved the round up, very funny, and I think Noah's blazer is a firm favourite for me too. Funny searches and spam...too many to pinpoint one. I get such random stuff all the time these days! Luckily the spam filter catches it all! xox

Anonymous said...

My spam comments are so enthusiastic sometimes it makes me wish they were real comments! My freaky blog search terms include 'big butt in pants', ragdoll run and something in russian which I wont type in case its rude.
I'm loving all the kids sewing you're doing, its inspiring me to brave rethreading my overlocker. Well almost. I hate threading that thing.

Days Of Our Lives said...

Wow, 1 year. That is a milestone and due to me recognizing all of those banners, I do believe I've been a reader from almost the beginning. Also privileged to be a real life friend although connecting with you on here has been so much easier than connecting up in real life has been! SAD, SAD, SAD! Keep up the great work Jenny. I love it all!

thingsforboys said...

Happy blogiversary! That cake looks good. I think you should just keep doing more of what you're doing! Nacho Libre baby - hilarious!

Jane said...

Happy first blog birthday Jenny! Thanks so much for keeping up this awesome blog - I love having a read on brief breaks from the kiddie chaos! You've done so well with all the crafty projects - I love them all - yay you!