Monday, 4 June 2012

Then & Now : Grover rides the washing line

Then : April 2011. Noah aged 2.5 years. Gotta love that blonde mop and those giggles.


Now: May 2012. Noah aged 3.5 years (Isabelle 18 months). The blonde hair is less blonde and the giggles not quite so jolly–but it’s still pretty cute, don’t you think?

Please excuse my ‘video voice’, I can only hope that this is not what my ‘real life voice’ sounds like. However, I think I may be out of luck.

Also I haven’t quite worked out how to rotate the clips, so please also excuse the ‘camera work’ – it’s documentary style, if you will.

Today has been rather dreary, and I decided it was to be a PJ, inside, keep warm and relax, order in pizza for dinner kind of day. We had a pretty busy weekend, with an annual conference at our church – it was awesome… BUT the kids were extra clingy on Sunday after having an entire day of being looked after (having fun) with Nana – despite the fun and freedom on our part, we all rather missed each other. And poor Isy has been hit with a vengeance with a cold, high temperatures and terrible teething. There have been a few restless nights round here.

So the little ray of sunshine round here apart from lots of snuggly sick cuddles, was for me to watch these videos and marvel at how much my kids have grown. And to be thankful of this record of that delightful giggle!

How was your weekend? How do you cheer yourself up on dreary days?

Jenny x


Anonymous said...

dreary days are for dreaming and remembering happier times.

Days Of Our Lives said...

that is gorgeous and don't know what it is about grover but he makes me giggle every time too, watching him spin around on the line I was in hysterics. x

tartankiwi said...

sooo cute! Thanks for sharing :-)

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