Thursday, 28 June 2012

{Recycled Round-up} Winter Love

I think most bloggers have times of blog-dentity crisis and I am definitely one of them. I've never been one to really structure my content - really I just fly by the seat of my pants.

And as a result, you my dear readers, get a hap-hazard mix of craft, a bucket load of obligatory cute kids posts, as well as outfit posts and the occasional recipe or deep and meaningful rant thrown in for good measure. Sometimes I look at this mish mash and wonder what category I fit into - but only for a brief moment, as I then realise that my blog is probably a pretty good representation of me and the many things I like.

However, when it comes down to it, there are three things I enjoy most about this blogging world. (This is also confirmed by what I enjoyed the most when I first discovered the world of blogs and then Pinterest).

These are:
1) Finding resourceful ideas on how to save money, reduce waste and be creative all at the same time. - This blog is called 'Mend and Make New' after all. (For more of my thoughts on this read this and this.)
2) Sharing awesome links from all over the World Wide Web. (I consider myself more of a curator than a creator);
3) Interacting and forming friendships with my readers and other bloggers

And then an idea came to me on how I think I can achieve it all!!!

I plan to do a semi-regular feature - entitled 'Recycled Round- up' containing lots of great recycling/ upcycling and re-styling ideas with links that I have found for you (perhaps with a particular theme tying them altogether.) I hope to often have something I have made to share too, like this or this.) (but not this time.)

I am kicking 'Recycled Round-up' off by continuing with my Celebrate Winter theme, here goes:

1) How about a milk bottle igloo?

An ode to wintry coldness in itself, it also would provide endless hours of entertainment, in building, playing in and destructing - for both kiddies and adults alike on those rainy indoor days.

2) A felted kid's coat from an old adult sweater - just don't do what Rae did and melt the zip with the iron!

4) Many a little boy would love a pair of Mama made jammies from a thrifted sheet - how snuggly for Winter. An inspiring job done by my blog bud, Tammi.

5) And have you ever wondered what to do with a lonely odd glove left at the end of the Winter season? Well now you can wonder no more - with this gorgeous glove squirrel

So there you have it!

****And in case you are wondering - how the whole 'Interacting and forming friendships with my readers and other bloggers' (Objective #3, above) comes into play - well, I need YOUR help... if you happen to see OR create a great restyle yourself (doesn't have to be to any theme), then please either comment with a link or email me I would love to hear from you - and might possibly link to you in a future instalment! ****

Or just let me know if you have or are going to try any of these ideas out/ or have any further suggestions!

Yours in creative thriftiness,

Jenny x


Anonymous said...

It seems great minds think alike :) I drafted some posts a few months back about repurposing..each post focuses on one object ie: jars, vintage sheets etc. I have been second guessing myself now and unsure as to whether to actually publish them.

I love your blog for how eclectic it is Jen, I don't think there is a need to catergorise yourself into any one box as long as you enjoy what you are doing.

Thanks for featuring me here. I am so trying that felted sweater and am sure there is a spare jumper somewhere that would dress a hottie nicely.


Roslyn@Sew Delicious said...

Jen I know what you mean about a blog-dentity crisis - I think I am going through that right now! :) Great idea on the recycled round up!

(sweetlittle)librarygirl said...

love that igloo!!!

Max said...

ooh i love all of those projects (for some reason i cant see the squirrel tho?!), i love repurposing stuff and i love this theme, am so following x