Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Free Fun

It’s the best kind.

Yesterday the kids and I had a housebound day (I still feel like I’m catching up after being away).

We dabbled in…


tandem bike riding


…powered by little black gumboots

and …


a lesson on how to peg clothes on the line (I’m trying to make myself redundant)


This seriously kept them occupied for around 1.5 hours (although now I seem to have 50% less pegs!?! – hmm might have to check the drain)


We also had a visit from a cowboy trying to disguise himself as an Indian

As they say the best things in life are free!

What are some low cost things round the house that your kids like doing? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated – especially the low mess, leave them to it kind!

Jenny x


thingsforboys said...

I have a stack of silicon cupcake liners (23, used to have 24 but anyway) that my son loves to stack and unstack. He lines them up on the shelf, then stacks them up, then lines them up on the floor. He also loves saucepan drums, but you have to be in the mood to put up with the noise.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes there is nothing like free fun!
Kaizer loves bubbles and also likes to sit there and string penne pasta onto string. He loves tipping out my button collection and sifting through them before putting them all back but that does cause a mess at times. Dressups is another thing he is showing an interest in..I just keep an eye out when op shopping for hats, scarfs etc.
I'm going to rope him into helping me hang the washing now..looks like fun :)

Lea said...

My gang like to polish coins. I give them a bundle of coins and a little bowl of water, a squirt of washing up liquid, a toothbrush and away they go. a towel for drying and maybe a little box to store their shiny treasures. keeps them especially busy when I am working in the kitchen-me on one side of the bench and them on the other.