Monday, 18 June 2012

Christchurch holiday snaps


  1. Holly and Susie (and some really awesome pants)
  2. More macarons (from j'aime les macarons)
  3. Chubby cheeks and a new hat
  4. Throwing ice at Mum
  5. Isabelle and my Nana
  6. Massage chairs
  7. The discovery of rice balls – the best thing ever (basically like a giant spherical piece of sushi)
  8. A pretty good op shop haul
  9. Man’s best friend

We had a lovely time in Christchurch, but I didn’t seem to document much of it on my camera. Instead I have returned with a random collection of pictures – mainly of food and Dad and Lynn’s, dog Susie.

It was great for my Gran and Auntie to meet Isabelle for the first time and it was good to see evidence of Christchurch starting to rebuild and get back on it’s feet again since the earthquake last February, although of course these things take time.

Thanks to Dad and Lynn for having us and to Holly for being my helpful travelling buddy.


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Danica said...

Those macaroons look amazing!