Monday, 25 June 2012

Celebrating Winter

I must be a bit fickle, because sometimes the Winter months can get me feeling a bit (for want of a better word)’down’. (If ‘meh’ was in the dictionary I would go with that.)

Nursery Mobile - Rainy Day

Rainy day nursery mobile from Etsy

For me mostly, it’s because of dreary weather. Rain, wind and cold I can handle (especially with a heat pump), instead for me I think less sunlight is the killer. I find myself being less patient and my demeanour is often less ‘sunny’ than I should be.

And when there are days of rain in a row, cooped up kids and a less patient Mum can spell recipe for disaster!

To put myself in a better frame of mind, most Winter’s I try and dwell on the positive things that come with the colder season. (… Kind of: Sleigh-bells and snowbells and Whiskers on kittens…. these are a few of my favourite things –ish!)

Owl Cable Fingerless Knit Gloves - Surly Sheep PDF Pattern

Owl cable knit gloves pattern from Etsy

So I have decided that this week is my ‘Celebrate Winter Week’ – heck, it may even extend beyond that (at least I hope an improved attitude on my part does.)

So join in with me in this next little while as I explore, comfort food, Winter fashion and rainy day fun with kids amongst other joys of Winter. And if you happen to do a blog post along a similar vein please leave me a comment with a link and I will be sure to check it out!

Jen x


Anonymous said...

Jenny this is a brilliant idea. I am normally a winter girl but am finding it hard to stay positive this season as it's!! It's like the cold has penetrated straight to my bones.
Instead of dwelling on how cold it is I need to focus more on the positives..snuggling under woollen blankets, soup, winter knits, candle light.
Thanks for changing my perspective :)

(sweetlittle)librarygirl said...

Oh, thanks for the inspiration! I think I might have to follow your lead. Enjoy! x

Max said...

i like it, a celebrate winter week! i love winter, dark days, bad weather etc so it comes naturally to me i think but i always like new ideas to celebrate the season too x