Thursday, 28 June 2012

Celebrating Winter : Knitting

There is something quite nice about the idea of settling down on a Winter evening with a hot drink and some knitting in front of a roaring fire. In my case, it's a heat pump not a fire, but I have spent a couple of evenings with some knitting recently. 

I'm a pretty inexperienced knitter, so despite having great aspirations I decided to start small.

...With these wee mittens for Isabelle. (From Vintage Knits for Modern Babies by Hadley Fierlinger). This is the same book that I made Isabelle's pixie hat from.

I already knew how to knit and purl, but I now have learnt how to do the 'make one' and slip stitch (thanks to youtube and my Mum). I am enjoying making these mittens, but I must confess that I can't wait until I'm capable of making bigger and better things...
(thanks to pinterest for the inspiration)

Actually that those knitted cushions look like the perfect spot to knit from.

I will let you know how my knitting endeavours go! It's always a bit scary to blog about a craft project it it's early stages (especially one involving a skill that you are not yet too skilled at) - just in case you drop all your stitches and it ends badly. ... So if you don't hear anything else about knitting from me, you know what's happened!

Joining in (for the first time in ages) with our creative space - check out all that inspiration!



Claire said...

Hey Jen, well done you on the knitting so far....keep at it you'll get there.
This has reminded me, I had a pair of knitted red mittens when I was young. My great aunt knitted them andI thought they were wonderful........

So love that little cable beanie, it's just gorgeous.

Claire :}

Anonymous said...

The only way to get better at knitting is practise - and occsionally sacrificing a piece of knitting to a mistake that you just cn't fix but teaches you heaps. I try new techniques on little swatches now ;) The videos on are the best I have found.

Anonymous said...

Even accomplished knitters make mistakes Jen, it's all part and parcel of knitting and like anything the more you do it the better you get :)

I really love those cushions and am in dire need of a teapot to find a pattern.


Sophie Slim said...

I hope your mittens are going well!

I love to knit, and this post has helped inspired me to make the most of winter!

I'm going to get my yarn bag out and carry on hooking tonight :)

p.s- Blog button going live right now :)

(sweetlittle)librarygirl said...

Good luck with the knitting, I love that colour you are using. Me and my colleagues at the library used to fight over that book, it's a keeper, isn't it! cute tea cosy too!!
I'm inspired to go and get my needles out right now. :)

Hootnz said...

Gorgeous book and a great place to start! Keep it up, I'm sure you'll be knitting up all those patterns that you're dreaming of once these mittens are of the needles :)

Max said...

oh you look like your going great! i just started a knitting class i am a totally knitting-challenged and have tried and given up several times before. i dream of making a yoked nordic jumper one day...x