Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday : Remix #5

Today is the final Wednesday in May and therefore the final instalment of Wardrobe Wednesday - Remix Edition (where we were challenged to take one item and wear it 5 different ways). I’ve really enjoyed it.

Today I’ve been experimenting with pattern mixing (and also trying to stay warm! – It was frosssty this morning!)


We’ve been out most of the day, having just got home. This morning we went out for breakfast with Nana, then visited the local Fire Station with Noah’s preschool and then went to a friend’s place for muffins and a cuppa.

Since we’ve got home I’ve brought in the washing, taken out the rubbish and snapped off my WW photos – priorities huh?

I’m wearing – dress/ tunic (that I’ve remixed each week): Principals, grey merino (underneath): glassons, grey belted blazer/ coat: Jaqui E, scarf: Dottie (birthday gift), jeggings: Postie Plus, boots: shoe connection (birthday gift a few years back), bag: from Hope and Glory (birthday gift from my Dad)*


At the Fire Station Noah had a ball, he got to ride up front in one of the fire engines, although I think Nana (my Mum) had even more fun – see that last photo – the look on the fireman’s face is priceless!

I have to confess (with some embarrassment) that when they asked for an adult volunteer to dress in the fireman’s gear the thought crossed my mind that it would be a pretty awesome remix for WW… but my friend Tamara ended up doing it and looked pretty awesome in the suit!

And just to add even more photos to this already packed post – here is how I have styled this dress over the last  weeks:


Joining in with:

Jen x

* P.S. Thanks to all of you who consoled me on my lost bag – but I have good news! It has turned up! (Turns out the courier delivered it to my neighbours!?!) I love it – It’s perfect for carrying all my bits and bobs plus nappies etc. If you want your own see the link in outfit breakdown.



Notchka said...

I love the scarf and the artful mix of patterns. You look really put together without looking like you tried hard - that's a skill!

Rachelle said...

You do look lovely and warm in todays remix; definitely a good thing at this time of year!

Naomi said...

All of your outfits look so cute and so different. Work it!

Miriam said...

Love that bag! You have been so creative in the ways you have done each outfit

kawinha said...

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