Thursday, 24 May 2012

Owls, spots and stripes

After getting the hang of sewing knits using my overlocker during the Kids Clothing Week Challenge, I decided to put my Spoonflower order* to good use, making more clothes for the kids using this and other knit fabrics.

The result:


When I saying for the kids, I really mean sewing for Isabelle – although I do plan to make Noah some owl tops (plus he keeps asking me for one). But first I have to draft a raglan tee pattern.

As you can see from the top photo the owl fabric on the little leggings has faded a bit, I made these about a week ago and they have been washed twice already, with a noticeable fade the first time, I hope they don’t fade any further.


Here’s the pants on my little model soon after I finished them. Brushing her teeth is pretty much her favourite pastime.

The pattern and tutorial I used is from here. I had to take about 5cm off the bottom and use a bigger seam allowance to get them the right size for Isabelle, but all in all I love the pattern – it’s such a great way to make a feature fabric go a long way.

The envelope tee pattern is from my Growing up Sew Liberated book.

Joining in with my creative space.

Jen x

(* Just to clarify (as I have been asked) I didn’t design the spoonflower fabric that I purchased, these are others designs, although I hope to do that in the future.)


sascedar said...

you did a gorgeous job sewing with the sweet knits- something that terrifies me! I'll have to read back on your blog, see if you have any tips ;)

Roslyn@Sew Delicious said...

Omg I am in love with them. You did such a great job. That owl knit is divine. I am still a novice with knits - am trying it today, making the Flashback Skinny Tee by Made By Rae. I'm having trouble with sewing the ribbing to the neckline - no reflection on the pattern, just my inexperience with these types of fabrics. Might have to order some of my designs as knits to have an excuse to sew more and practise more with them! xx

Flower said...

I love that fabric, what a bummer it faded. I have also just mastered the knit thing, I made Ginny some pants out of merino that are quite similar, it was a JK pair of pants that my friend chopped up to make a pattern from when they started to fall apart. Those little t-shirts are cool too.

Cassandra said...

How cool are they!!! Roslyn from Sew Delicious sent me your way... can't wait to have a sticky beak at the rest of your blog :)


Hootnz said...

They are awesome... love the print mixed in combo with the stripes etc.... your kids will have one of kind outfits, everyone will be asking where you bought it from :)

Shame about the fading though, hopefully it doesn't wash out anymore!

Anonymous said...

Gosh aren't those prints awesome? I love the way you have used them Jen.

tartankiwi said...

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! Love your fabrics. I must admit that the trousers pattern is on my list to try, hmmm might have to push that further up the list, you've got me excited about them again!

Anonymous said...

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