Sunday, 13 May 2012

Good stuff (and a bit of drama)

Each year around my birthday I seem to wrangle not just a day of celebrations, but often a week if not an entire month (it kind of morphs with Mother’s day). This year I have been pretty spoilt.

We have just come back from spending almost a week down in Wellington. It was great to stay at my friend Rachelle’s house and to catch up with family. I also have received lots of lovely and thoughtful gifts… and I have a few more things coming in the mail, including this lovely bag which is part of the present from my Dad.


Also, while I was away some lovely (non birthday) things arrived including… this gorgeous elephant from Sleepy Heads which I won from a giveaway on the beetle shack blog.


And while we gone my Mum picked up this lovely photo taken as part of a school fundraiser…


So all in all lots of lovely things… but the last couple of weeks have not been without a fair share of drama.

The summary is that our washing machine broke down and Andrew had a car crash.. within about a week of each other!!!


The positives are:

* We have full car insurance and nobody was hurt in the accident. (biggest positive)

* My Mum is awesome and has been doing all my washing for me.

* Despite almost getting stuck down in Wellington (the car was due to be fixed last Wed but the auto electrician discovered the air bag hadn’t deployed properly requiring new parts to be sources and a whole lot more work), we managed to borrow a car from my brother-in-law, Toby and get back up here to the Hawkes Bay.

* Because we borrowed Toby’s car (which has bigger boot space), we were able to pick up a washing machine the day after our return and save the delivery fee, plus we found one on sale for $200 off.

* The washing machine couldn’t have come at a better time as when we got home on the Friday Isabelle ended up throwing up in her bed. Fortunately though she was fine the next day and also avoided throwing up on her brand new Sleepy Heads elephant (above.)


It’s amazing how much better I feel when I focus on the positives. I wouldn’t mind if our little run of dramas could end now though, but I’m happy for birthday month to continue for a bit longer.

Jen x

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Days Of Our Lives said...

So true Jenny. Life is all about finding the positives. Love your new blog face and that my pin cushion gift features. Feel very flattered:) You actually inspired a facelift on my blog too. Thought it was about time Nate graced the cover. Glad you are home safe and sound. Happy to help any way I can if you need a lift somewhere or something. x

Anonymous said...

Oh I am just the teensiest bit jealous that you spent a week in the capital...I'm way homesick and counting down the weeks till my visit in August.
Life really is about noticing and appreciating the simple pleasures :)
Love your new header, very cute.

Simoney said...

I found the post you meant to link up, but just wanted to leave a comment here too and say, your blog is *lovely* and that photo of your two sweeties is divine! xx