Friday, 4 May 2012

30 things on my 30th

Today I:

1) turned 30

2) dined on pancakes and coffees for breakfast out with Nana and the kids


3) received a helium balloon


4) negotiated various custody disputes involving said balloon during the day


5) admired some new art, that I’d picked up from the op shop yesterday (on the right)


6) made cushions


7) admired the art work and cushions together

8) skyped my Gran and cousin in Christchurch


9) Started on Mount Washmore..

10)  …and then decided that most of the clothes could go straight in the bag I was packing to go to Wellington tomorrow

11) received lots of lovely texts, facebook messages and calls wishing me a happy birthday… including one from my husband, Andrew wondering whether my birthday was today or um, tommorrow?

12) missed my husband (Andrew is down in Wellington, we are seeing him tomorrow - its a looong story.)


13) Made mini bacon and egg pies for lunch (Noah, confused that they were made in a muffin tin dubbed them “pie-cakes”)


14) had a visit right on lunch time from my brother-in-law (Uncle Toby) who, knowing my love of feijoas, gave me some feijoa chocolate other goodies. This stuff is good.


15) blew out my candles and enjoyed the little cake my Mum had given us. This cake could not hold 30 candles.

16) Changed lots of nappies throughout the day

17) Deeply regretted allowing the kids to eat a large number of feijoas yesterday


18) created collages with the boy

19) cleaned the fridge : I put as many perishable items in the freezer as possible and binned anything that might be “funky” by the time we returned from our trip

20) Remembered how much I detest the word “funky” in any context; and realised that using it now would only make seem even older in the eyes of all the hip young people


21) ‘Dabbled’ in some housework


22) Fed Isabelle some more feijoas

23) Regretted it instantly


24) cooked macaroni cheese using alphabetti (there were also some numbers). I also used up some bacon leftover from the pies we had a lunch time.


25) realised that we had eaten bacon at every meal today

26) decided to embark on a detox/ artery flushing diet tomorrow (not really)


27) received a brief but lovely visit from a kind friend who gave me a thoughtful gift. (Thanks so much Anna!)

28) bathed the kids and put them to bed

39) wrote this blog post and giggled at my own jokes

30) realised that it sounds a lot like this:

ha ha! I had a great day! And I’m looking forward to catching up some friends and family in the next few days!

“May the fourth me with you!” (I’m pretty sure I invented that by the way!)

Jenny x


Hootnz said...

Welcome to the 30's... and enjoy your weekend catching up with your friends and family.

Flower said...

ERRR FEIJOA CHOCOLATE!!! nom nom. I too, have fed the brood up way too many feijoas, only now we have manderins to add to the 'loose smelly stoll' category! Happy Birthday!

Kelly E said...

Happy 30th! Funky - can't stand the word! And aren't you lucky the feijoa season is quite short! Enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

Sally said...

Happy Happy Belated Birthday Wishes!

Saffron Capson said...

Happy very belated 30 th birthday Jenny

Fabiana said...

Funny and nice!!