Tuesday, 17 April 2012

A visit from Rachelle and Jack

I’ve mentioned my good friend Rachelle briefly on here before. She was my neighbour when we lived in Wellington. We became close friends and so did Noah and her son Jack, who are only 6 weeks apart in age.

Rachelle looked after Noah two days a week when I worked and I looked after Jack on Fridays when she worked. On the other days of the week, we rarely spent a day out of each others company. Rachelle inspired me with her amazing baking skills and exceptional sewing talents, and helped me a lot in developing my lesser skills. (She helped me make my purple merino dress.)

So as you can imagine, when we moved up here to the Hawkes Bay just over a year ago, we missed these guys like crazy.

But then we got caught up with the busyness of day to day life, and forgot just how much we missed them until they came up for a brief (but fun filled) visit this weekend just been.


Best Buds

On Saturday, I showed Rachelle (and Jack) all our local haunts had an op shopping excursion, a visit to Coco and Co and Bay Espresso, Market St (they do excellent and affordable kids meals by the way.)


Rachelle is one of those really thoughtful, gift giving people and she lavished us with lots of lovely things including a pile of lovely bibs and some gorgeous red hoof shoes for Isabelle. (She is wearing one of the bibs and the shoes above.)



There are more – but they are in the wash!

Thanks so much Rachelle and Jack for a lovely weekend, looking forward to catching up again when we are down in a couple of weeks!


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Anonymous said...

Oh, those kinds of friends are the best!!