Monday, 23 April 2012

{Kids Clothing Challenge} days 1 & 2

My original intention was to post an elusive post with teaser photos of what I’ve been working as part of the KCWC, and then a big reveal at the end. But having seen a couple of other peoples’ posts, and it seems the norm is to post each day and thus be inspired by everyone else’s creations.

Upon realising this (about 30 mins ago) it made me get my ‘A’ into ‘G’ and actually finish some the things I have been working on… (I was going for the factory line approach.)


I have actually made 2 finished pairs of these little tights now… the other is already in the wash with grass stains.

The tights were made using this super easy free tutorial from 'Made by Rae' – although I had to enlarge a bit considering Isabelle is 17 months old (albeit a petite wee poppet) and the merino knit is not as stretchy as the fabric called for in the pattern.

As I was planning on just doing a teaser post, I don’t really have any good ones of Isabelle wearing much of this – and it’s dark  now, and she’s asleep (still from her afternoon nap!!) … So I’ll just post the pics I have, and do a round up at the end of the week!


With some of my thrifted fabrics I have mountains… I think I may have to a fabric giveaway sometime next week… keep your eyes peeled.


Happy sewing!

Jen x


Kelly said...

I love the little jackets! The only thing I make for Elijah these days are shorts and that's because he's fussy and doesn't like anything tight sitting on his tummy. Looking forward to seeing some more posts this week :)

thingsforboys said...

great work! Your jackets are gorgeous. What pattern did you use?

Notchka said...

OMG you made tights - your so clever!! I love the bit of thrifted fabric on the hoodies and the gorgeous big buttons also!

Maria said...

Those jackets are gorgeous! what pattern did you use?

Jenny said...

Thanks all, regarding the queries as to what pattern I used for Isabelle's hoodies/ jackets : I made the pattern myself by tracing around a jacket she already owns that fits her well. I loosely based it on this tutorial :)

Cirque Du Bebe said...

Whoa I am having serious fabric envy over that floral one. Thrifting for fabric can be so hit and miss! But that's a hit obviously. Also, just wondering if you drafted those hoodies yourself...I really like the style and shape and couldn't pick the pattern.