Saturday, 28 April 2012

{KCWC} Woman’s top to baby’s tunic (day 6)

I must confess that although this is meant to be my post for what I made yesterday, I in fact made this little tunic today. I had left it late to start my sewing and then got distracted by this inspiration … which led to me searching for a little tunic pattern, which led to this

… which in turn led to this …


The searching (and getting distracted by) inspiration part, took longer than the sewing part. In fact, I don’t want to brag but I made this tunic in less than an hour.

That’s because I cheated! I re/upcycled an old op shopped top of mine and therefore didn’t have to sew the neckline or bottom hem.


I’d bought the top a while back from an op shop, mostly because I love the colour and because of the fabric it is made with (70% merino and 30% silk), but it wasn’t very flattering on me, hence the decision to cut it up!

For the most part I followed this extremely helpful tutorial, but made my own pattern by drawing around a long top/ tunic that Isabelle already has. (There is a pattern that goes with that tutorial but is size 5, so too big for my purposes.)

I also added little cap sleeves by cutting down and reattaching the ones from the original top, (again the hems on these had been done for me!)


One again, the trickiest part of the project, was probably the process of trying to photograph my very wriggly model!

I am planning on doing some more sewing tonight when the kids are in bed to finish off KCWC. I already have some more envelope tees cut out, but I keep getting bombarded with all sorts of inspiration and then deviate from my original plan! We’ll see how I go.

In the meantime – here is some more inspiration for you to check out – my KCWC favourites on Flickr.

Bye for now!

Jenny xox


Anonymous said...

She looks so gorgeous in it! I love the little bow :) x

Hootnz said...

Gorgeous! And I love the addition of the striped bow... and such adorable pics...especially the one with her holding the bag in the crook of her arm and the biscuit in the other! She set for the day :))

Anonymous said...

Your little girl is so good looking.

Miss you, see you soon wifey,

Notchka said...

Oh! You are so in the zone. Mega cute with the bow!! Love the up cycling idea as a source of knit - I have a few tees which could suit. I got some knitwear patterns cut and sewn up and just got to try some stuff on the girl before her bedtime. Maybe tomorrow.

sascedar said...

How cute is this refashion? Nice one! Loving the little bow. I have completely missed the whole KCWC thing...maybe next year lol ;) PS thanks for dropping by my place- hope you get some time for pasta making!

Cirque Du Bebe said...

Wow, how did I miss this in the KCWC pool? I guess probably because I was honing in on boys stuff. But this, is making me wish I had girls to sew for. A pretty amazing re-fashion and that little bow really sets it off!

{jen} iCandyhandmade said...

Love how this turned out! So adorable.