Saturday, 28 April 2012

{KCWC} Days 4 & 5


I’m playing catch up here as today is nearing the end of day 6 of the Kids Clothing Week Challenge and as you can see I’m only posting what I made on days 4 and 5. And wouldn’t you know it, I haven’t even started my sewing for today. It’s been a busy one!

On days 4 and 5 I made Isabelle two little envelope tees. The cream fabric is the same cream merino I used to make her little baby tights, and the purple and grey knit cotton in the sleeves of the top tee was thrifted fabric, while the green rib along the neckline is from an old singlet of mine that had seen better days.

The pattern is from my Growing up Sew Liberated book, and is super quick and easy (That is, except if you overlock/serge the sleeve to the wrong side of the top – as I did with the long sleeved cream top, the first one I made. I managed to selvage it though!)

Here are some more photos of the tops, including Isabelle in all her Weetbix-faced glory!


I’m happy with the results of both, but especially with the little short sleeved tee with the contrast binding and sleeves. Being for the most part made of merino, I plan to use these tees mainly as singlets, as a non bulky, warm layer this Winter; however, the shorter sleeved tee could also pass as outer wear.

I’ve already cut out some more in a few different colour combinations to sew up now.

… And in case you’re wondering… this is what dragged me away from my sewing machine today …


After getting some professional photos* taken of the kids, my Mum, the kids and I went to Jungle Junction. The kids had an absolute blast and are both now completely out for the count.

For the record, I think I was the only adult who played on the play equipment too. And despite also being quite tuckered out myself, I am now going to hit my machine and churn out more little tees!


Jen x

* This was one of those deals where you pay $10 and get one enlarged professional photo and then they try and talk you/ guilt trip you into also parting with MUCH more ($249!!!) to buy the lot. The photographer was awesome and the photos look AMAZING… but you can be assured that I’m only going to be parting with $10!


Notchka said...

Go you! I am just about to start cutting merino myself. BTW I'm so behind on my mental 'to do' list too - I have to remind myself its not a race. Glad you had fun today - I'm one of those parents who doesn't mind acting like a big goon on the play equipment also!

tartankiwi said...

I love the short stripy sleeved one- gorgeous! I must admit I've been eyeing up some merino fabric online and dreaming of making something like this for my two- you may just have persuaded me to go ahead and do it!

Roslyn@Sew Delicious said...

They are gorgeous Jen! I would really love to start sewing with knits more often but I am still a bit scared. I have a free lesson for my new overlocker so I will go to that then maybe I will feel more confident to sew more knit t-shirts for the girls.

Hootnz said...

Those tees are going to look great as layers... I can imagine the white one would look very cute under a pinafore :)