Sunday, 29 April 2012

{KCWC} Day 7 (and a recap)

Once again, I digressed from my original plan of making Isabelle more merino singlets/ tees and made her a little cropped cardi instead.


The white sweat shirting fabric, and floral lining are from the op shop and the tan polka dot fabric is a scrap left over from a quilt I made Noah.

The pattern is Burda Easy 9650, (with some minor alterations.)


It’s nice to be finished sewing and I this week I plan to hardly touch my machine at all – instead it’s going to be a week of mending, cleaning, sorting through fabric and folding and putting away piles of washing (as well as playing with my neglected kids of course!) I kind of have this unwritten rule that when I buy (or make) new things I need to make sure that I’m really looking after and use the stuff I’ve got.

As a recap of my first KCWC, if you asked me to sum up my makings this week, I would give you 2 words:

1. ‘destashing’ - I didn’t buy any new fabric for the challenge, and in fact much of the fabric I used was thrifted (pats self on back!) This ties in a bit with my unwritten rule above.

2. ‘knits’I really enjoyed sewing with a bit of knit fabric this week. It was a great way to break in my overlocker. If you, like me are pretty new to sewing with knits and a bit unsure, you should check out the KNITerviews at 'Made by Rae' – they contain some great hints for sewing with knits.


Photo recap: Day 1 and 2: hoodies and tights, Day 3: a hoodie for Noah, Day 4 and 5: envelope tees, Day 6: My top restyled into a tunic for Isabelle … and of course Day 7 (above).

I’ve really enjoyed this challenge, but I’m not really looking forward to my next challenge – cleaning up my sewing area … it looks like a fabric grenade exploded!


Jen x

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Hootnz said...

Well done! you have done so well on keeping to your principles and I love the projects that you have made by doing so.
Also this little cropped jacket has to be my favourite! its adorable especially teamed with that lovely floral :)