Sunday, 22 April 2012

Bits + Pieces

1). I’m joining in with The Kids Clothing Week Challenge this week over at Elsie Marley. The aim of the game is to try and spend at least 1 hour a day sewing for your kids, going into the next season.


Obviously those in the Northern hemisphere will be sewing Spring clothing, whereas I, on the other side of the world hope to tackle warm singlets, baby tights and leggings and hoodies amongst other things.

I’ve tried to make a plan but keep getting distracted by different patterns and bits of fabric.


But I did manage to get a bit of a jump start on the challenge by making Isabelle this little hoodie and the tights she is wearing here. The hoodie is made from some thrifted wool knit with the hood itself is lined with lovely vintage fabric that I received in my Scrap bag swap parcel (I tell you it’s the gift that keeps on giving.)

I’m not 100% sold on the hoodie – the word “hobbit” springs to mind, but I’m sure it will keep her warm while playing outside on crisp Autumn days.

(Please excuse the overlocked/ serged, but unfinished sleeves, I am yet to finsh them – and yes I am still loving my overlocker!)

The tights are made in a beautiful cream stretch merino fabric that I have in abundance – I hope to churn out a pile more, so will pop back with more photos and pattern details later this week.

2) Daddy made pancakes this weekend.


This is a bear or perhaps Mickey Mouse? Andrew’s Dad used to make him special pancakes when he was a kid too.

3). Our washing machine is broken. It also broke down at Christmas time and with the help of a downloaded manual I fixed it (yay) but now I think its goneburger (oh well, and yay for helpful Mums that live round the corner!)

4). If you’re ever in little old Waipawa check out this antique shop.

We visited it in the weekend and it is awesome! I think I’ll have to take my camera next time and ask the owner if I can take photos to share with you.

5). I want to get into meal planning – and was recently even more inspired by this post by Megan of Mousehouse.

I also discovered cute Week planner free printable from a different site – and thought I could combine both my meal planning and general organisation into one.

You should check it out – it’s pretty cute.

OK, enough from me – Noah is back at Kindy and Isabelle is down to sleep, so I should really take this opportunity to sew, sew, sew!


Jen xox

P.S.  Are you joining in the KCWC too, or doing any kids projects yourself? If you are post a link and I’ll be sure to check it out for more inspiration.

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Sarah said...

I love Isabelle's wee hoodie, its supercute! Archie has a similar one which I am hoping will still fit him this winter. Im looking forward to seeing what you create during the challenge :)