Sunday, 29 April 2012

{KCWC} Day 7 (and a recap)

Once again, I digressed from my original plan of making Isabelle more merino singlets/ tees and made her a little cropped cardi instead.


The white sweat shirting fabric, and floral lining are from the op shop and the tan polka dot fabric is a scrap left over from a quilt I made Noah.

The pattern is Burda Easy 9650, (with some minor alterations.)


It’s nice to be finished sewing and I this week I plan to hardly touch my machine at all – instead it’s going to be a week of mending, cleaning, sorting through fabric and folding and putting away piles of washing (as well as playing with my neglected kids of course!) I kind of have this unwritten rule that when I buy (or make) new things I need to make sure that I’m really looking after and use the stuff I’ve got.

As a recap of my first KCWC, if you asked me to sum up my makings this week, I would give you 2 words:

1. ‘destashing’ - I didn’t buy any new fabric for the challenge, and in fact much of the fabric I used was thrifted (pats self on back!) This ties in a bit with my unwritten rule above.

2. ‘knits’I really enjoyed sewing with a bit of knit fabric this week. It was a great way to break in my overlocker. If you, like me are pretty new to sewing with knits and a bit unsure, you should check out the KNITerviews at 'Made by Rae' – they contain some great hints for sewing with knits.


Photo recap: Day 1 and 2: hoodies and tights, Day 3: a hoodie for Noah, Day 4 and 5: envelope tees, Day 6: My top restyled into a tunic for Isabelle … and of course Day 7 (above).

I’ve really enjoyed this challenge, but I’m not really looking forward to my next challenge – cleaning up my sewing area … it looks like a fabric grenade exploded!


Jen x

Saturday, 28 April 2012

{KCWC} Woman’s top to baby’s tunic (day 6)

I must confess that although this is meant to be my post for what I made yesterday, I in fact made this little tunic today. I had left it late to start my sewing and then got distracted by this inspiration … which led to me searching for a little tunic pattern, which led to this

… which in turn led to this …


The searching (and getting distracted by) inspiration part, took longer than the sewing part. In fact, I don’t want to brag but I made this tunic in less than an hour.

That’s because I cheated! I re/upcycled an old op shopped top of mine and therefore didn’t have to sew the neckline or bottom hem.


I’d bought the top a while back from an op shop, mostly because I love the colour and because of the fabric it is made with (70% merino and 30% silk), but it wasn’t very flattering on me, hence the decision to cut it up!

For the most part I followed this extremely helpful tutorial, but made my own pattern by drawing around a long top/ tunic that Isabelle already has. (There is a pattern that goes with that tutorial but is size 5, so too big for my purposes.)

I also added little cap sleeves by cutting down and reattaching the ones from the original top, (again the hems on these had been done for me!)


One again, the trickiest part of the project, was probably the process of trying to photograph my very wriggly model!

I am planning on doing some more sewing tonight when the kids are in bed to finish off KCWC. I already have some more envelope tees cut out, but I keep getting bombarded with all sorts of inspiration and then deviate from my original plan! We’ll see how I go.

In the meantime – here is some more inspiration for you to check out – my KCWC favourites on Flickr.

Bye for now!

Jenny xox

{KCWC} Days 4 & 5


I’m playing catch up here as today is nearing the end of day 6 of the Kids Clothing Week Challenge and as you can see I’m only posting what I made on days 4 and 5. And wouldn’t you know it, I haven’t even started my sewing for today. It’s been a busy one!

On days 4 and 5 I made Isabelle two little envelope tees. The cream fabric is the same cream merino I used to make her little baby tights, and the purple and grey knit cotton in the sleeves of the top tee was thrifted fabric, while the green rib along the neckline is from an old singlet of mine that had seen better days.

The pattern is from my Growing up Sew Liberated book, and is super quick and easy (That is, except if you overlock/serge the sleeve to the wrong side of the top – as I did with the long sleeved cream top, the first one I made. I managed to selvage it though!)

Here are some more photos of the tops, including Isabelle in all her Weetbix-faced glory!


I’m happy with the results of both, but especially with the little short sleeved tee with the contrast binding and sleeves. Being for the most part made of merino, I plan to use these tees mainly as singlets, as a non bulky, warm layer this Winter; however, the shorter sleeved tee could also pass as outer wear.

I’ve already cut out some more in a few different colour combinations to sew up now.

… And in case you’re wondering… this is what dragged me away from my sewing machine today …


After getting some professional photos* taken of the kids, my Mum, the kids and I went to Jungle Junction. The kids had an absolute blast and are both now completely out for the count.

For the record, I think I was the only adult who played on the play equipment too. And despite also being quite tuckered out myself, I am now going to hit my machine and churn out more little tees!


Jen x

* This was one of those deals where you pay $10 and get one enlarged professional photo and then they try and talk you/ guilt trip you into also parting with MUCH more ($249!!!) to buy the lot. The photographer was awesome and the photos look AMAZING… but you can be assured that I’m only going to be parting with $10!

Friday, 27 April 2012

Ocean Beach

I must confess that I have only just begun my KCWC sewing for the day and I haven’t yet photographed and shared what I made yesterday… looks like I will have to do a catch up post in the next day or two… but in the meantime I’d like to share what we did today…

Today I… stepped AWAY from my sewing machine! (gasp!)Actually despite really enjoying my first time doing the KCWC, it was a welcome break.

I had a lovely visit from a friend in the morning and then just as she was leaving, my brother-in-law, Toby and his girlfriend, Natasha turned up and suggested we go to the beach. So off to Ocean beach we did go!

IMG_3939IMG_3873 - CopyIMG_3914IMG_3894IMG_3921IMG_3932IMG_3883


We got caught by an unexpected larger wave!

Thanks to Toby and Tash for a great afternoon!

Right I really must return to my sewing desk!!

Jenny xx

P.S. Recognise Noah’s top from anywhere ?!?

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

{KCWC} What I made yesterday (day 3)

Feeling the teensiest bit guilty for doing so much sewing for Isabelle and none for the boy, yesterday I decided to make Noah something. (Actually, come to think of it I have made Noah one or two things recently – but generally speaking I find it easier to sew and find inspiration for girls things, the same goes for Summer things over Winter things.)

Anyhow, I made the Noah-potamus a grey and red stripey hoodie…


My ‘model’ proved difficult to work with as he didn’t want to stay in one place for too long, preferring to galavant around the backyard at great speeds not conducive to a ‘photo shoot.’


Pattern : Burda Easy 9748

Fabric : Red and grey sweatshirting – thrifted and cuffs and hood lined with grey merino knit given to me by my Mum.

This was my first time sewing a zip, and now I wonder.. what was I ever worried about!!! I’m pretty happy with the result really.

I’ve had a couple of people ask what pattern I used for Isabelle jackets featured in my last KCWC post. I made the pattern myself by tracing around a jacket she already owns that fits her well. I loosely based it on this.


I also made a bunch more merino tights for Isabelle again using this 'Made by Rae' easy tutorial.

In case you wonder why I bother making tights … Well firstly, they are super easy (especially on my new overlocker!!) – honestly the cutting out part takes the longest, plus it seems to be quite hard sometimes to find plain white tights, let alone ones with decent wool content .. which hikes the price up.

…And lastly, unrelated to all this sewing stuff, and on a completely different note… yesterday I was wearing this:



Yesterday in here in New Zealand, and in Australia, we celebrated ANZAC day an annual public holiday remembering and honouring those ANZACs that died in war, especially at Gallipoli.

This necklace was handed down to me and has the pendant given to my Great- Grandmother when her son, my Great Uncle died in WW2. He was a air navigator and is a bit of a hero in our family. I feel very honoured to have this necklace and wear it every ANZAC day and on other special occasions.

Did you do anything special to commemorate ANZAC day?

Joining in with Our Creative Spaces – be sure to check it out AS WELL AS The KCWC/ Elsie Marley Flickr group and be prepared for inspiration overload!!! Seriously, there are just over 6200 photos of awesome kids clothes in that group… and counting as I type!!

Jenny xox

Monday, 23 April 2012

{Kids Clothing Challenge} days 1 & 2

My original intention was to post an elusive post with teaser photos of what I’ve been working as part of the KCWC, and then a big reveal at the end. But having seen a couple of other peoples’ posts, and it seems the norm is to post each day and thus be inspired by everyone else’s creations.

Upon realising this (about 30 mins ago) it made me get my ‘A’ into ‘G’ and actually finish some the things I have been working on… (I was going for the factory line approach.)


I have actually made 2 finished pairs of these little tights now… the other is already in the wash with grass stains.

The tights were made using this super easy free tutorial from 'Made by Rae' – although I had to enlarge a bit considering Isabelle is 17 months old (albeit a petite wee poppet) and the merino knit is not as stretchy as the fabric called for in the pattern.

As I was planning on just doing a teaser post, I don’t really have any good ones of Isabelle wearing much of this – and it’s dark  now, and she’s asleep (still from her afternoon nap!!) … So I’ll just post the pics I have, and do a round up at the end of the week!


With some of my thrifted fabrics I have mountains… I think I may have to a fabric giveaway sometime next week… keep your eyes peeled.


Happy sewing!

Jen x

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Bits + Pieces

1). I’m joining in with The Kids Clothing Week Challenge this week over at Elsie Marley. The aim of the game is to try and spend at least 1 hour a day sewing for your kids, going into the next season.


Obviously those in the Northern hemisphere will be sewing Spring clothing, whereas I, on the other side of the world hope to tackle warm singlets, baby tights and leggings and hoodies amongst other things.

I’ve tried to make a plan but keep getting distracted by different patterns and bits of fabric.


But I did manage to get a bit of a jump start on the challenge by making Isabelle this little hoodie and the tights she is wearing here. The hoodie is made from some thrifted wool knit with the hood itself is lined with lovely vintage fabric that I received in my Scrap bag swap parcel (I tell you it’s the gift that keeps on giving.)

I’m not 100% sold on the hoodie – the word “hobbit” springs to mind, but I’m sure it will keep her warm while playing outside on crisp Autumn days.

(Please excuse the overlocked/ serged, but unfinished sleeves, I am yet to finsh them – and yes I am still loving my overlocker!)

The tights are made in a beautiful cream stretch merino fabric that I have in abundance – I hope to churn out a pile more, so will pop back with more photos and pattern details later this week.

2) Daddy made pancakes this weekend.


This is a bear or perhaps Mickey Mouse? Andrew’s Dad used to make him special pancakes when he was a kid too.

3). Our washing machine is broken. It also broke down at Christmas time and with the help of a downloaded manual I fixed it (yay) but now I think its goneburger (oh well, and yay for helpful Mums that live round the corner!)

4). If you’re ever in little old Waipawa check out this antique shop.

We visited it in the weekend and it is awesome! I think I’ll have to take my camera next time and ask the owner if I can take photos to share with you.

5). I want to get into meal planning – and was recently even more inspired by this post by Megan of Mousehouse.

I also discovered cute Week planner free printable from a different site – and thought I could combine both my meal planning and general organisation into one.

You should check it out – it’s pretty cute.

OK, enough from me – Noah is back at Kindy and Isabelle is down to sleep, so I should really take this opportunity to sew, sew, sew!


Jen xox

P.S.  Are you joining in the KCWC too, or doing any kids projects yourself? If you are post a link and I’ll be sure to check it out for more inspiration.