Friday, 2 March 2012

The pictures I didn’t post

A couple of weeks ago, Angela from Striking Keys posted a hilarious trilogy of posts entitled 'The pictures I didn't post' (that’s part 1 and click here for part 2 and here for the third instalment.)I literally laughed out loud while reading these.

The concept is simple. In this age of digital photography, we take heaps of extra photos (especially as a blogger) and some don’t turn out as we’d hoped, but that’s ok – we just delete them… well, that is until now! (I had to go through my recycle bin and find some.)

While I can’t promise to be as witty and hilarious as Angela, and I definitely don’t think that there will be a trilogy from me – here is my little offering:


Clearly getting fed snow and your picture taken close up makes for one unflattering photo. (Taken on our little snow adventure last year.)


Strawberry picking can be exhausting… At this point Noah said “hard work, Mummy.”

These next series of photos are entitled: ‘The world according to Noah’, from when I let him take some pics last week.


Clearly Mum spends too much time looking at her own blog.


“Hello Isabelle, wake up”


“Hello Camera – look how big my eyes are!)


This was what I discovered one morning… a little ‘creature’ had eaten all the middles out of my bread. First reaction, grab the camera, of course!


Taken while using the self timer for a Wardrobe Wednesday post – I get a lot of hit and miss shots from these posts (… mainly miss.) I love it how the camera has focused on the camera strap and the headless me is all blurry (a bit arty perhaps?)


This perhaps explains why we are still slow going with the toilet training.. Noah thinks its all a game. At this point while wearing the toilet training seat on his head, he was proclaiming: “I’m sheriff Woody!”

These next two are entitled: ‘When Dad dresses the kids”…


Mittens!! (see the thumbs on the inside) This is an old pic, and when I pointed this out to Andrew (Noah had worn these to bed all night) – he said: “I realised half way through, but decided to continue – just to mess with you.” (You see what I’m dealing with here?)


… And this is from just a day or two ago – the dress is on backwards, and turns out he didn’t know that the onesie clips under the tights! Dum, da da dah… Super Isy!


And here is Noah licking the bowl, the best way he knows how!

Unfortunately I didn’t have any good old blink shots (I think I must delete them off the camera immediately)… and I did have a couple of hideous photos of me lying sick on the couch taken by Noah – but they were far too hideous for public viewing.

Got any photo fails yourself?… why not post them too!



Roslyn@Sew Delicious said...

Haha! I think I could write an entire blog titled "When Dad dresses the kids". The outfits he comes up with! How?

Angela Noelle said...

OH MY! These are wonderful! Love love love! So glad you posted these!

Bubble My Licorice said...

hahaha amazing post :)
I love those photos!