Thursday, 22 March 2012

A new brother


Yesterday we welcomed a new member into our family!

No, Isabelle and Noah don’t have a new brother (or one on the way), instead I got my new ‘brother’ overlocker!

Did I fool you for a minute there?

I love it! - And I’m very lucky to have it. I’d wanted one for a long time, but didn’t think it was really in the budget. But I won a $100 Spotlight voucher in an OHbaby Christmas craft comp and then Spotlight let me put this one on layby when it was on sale with $100 off. My Mum contributed $150 as an early birthday present, leaving me with $150 to pay on what was a $499 product! (Who doesn’t love winning, bargains and generous Mums?)

Andrew picked it up for me yesterday, while I took the kids for a dental check up and he said to the lady at the counter: “I’ll be overlocking in no time!” (clearly a joke); to which she replied “hmpff I doubt it” – sounds like someone needs to get a sense of humour!


Speaking of dental appointments – I’m also loving the fact that the kids teeth passed with flying colours – yay, no cavities!!! (Phew!) and the fact that they still make those awesome critters out of cotton balls and pipe cleaners – who knew?


I’m also loving that these lovely bibs arrived in the mail from Mum2Mum yesterday.


You may have noticed from other blog posts of mine that I already own and love a few of these bibs. I won these recently from the Mum2Mum facebook page.

(It’s not even like I enter gazzilions of competitions – I’ve just had some pretty good luck recently!)


Finally, I’m loving this little guy – who helped me clean the car this morning. (It’s been a scorcher of a day!)

It’s kind of ironic because I won the bibs above by providing this ‘toddler tip’:

“Toddlers love to help, and be told they are helpful. My son helps tidy up and wants to help me clean. Especially if I say I have a special job for him and use the word 'teamwork.' Encouragement really helps too. He might not be super efficient at this stage, but it keeps him out of mischief while I'm doing it and I like to think I'm building a really helpful, considerate boy/ adult for the future.”

l guess this means I take my own advice?

This is encouraging, because I’ve had one of those weeks where you feel like you’ve got all the best parenting intentions, but that you’re doing heaps of stuff wrong – it can be hard work being a parent and I think sometimes we’ve got to take stock of the things we’re doing right and pat ourselves on the back.

Joining in with Paisley Jade's 'Thing's I'm Loving.'

Jen x

P.S. Have you entered my giveaway yet? If not why not? (Let some of my good luck rub off on you!)


Notchka said...

Nice work on all the winnings. I don't know where I would be without my overlocker, I do hope you enjoy getting to know and use it.

I agree with you about parenting - we are so quick to beat ourselves up, and forget to celebrate the fact that we are 'present' in our little peoples lives, doing the best that we can by them. That is enough IMHO.

Leonie said...

awesome winnings and love the overlocker! I too love my overlocker.

and it sounds like SL staff are the same everywhere!!

Enjoy your new brother :)