Monday, 26 March 2012

Home Sweet Home


When it comes to interior design I like lots of different styles. I like aspects of the modern, minimalist, clean lines idea (although looking at the large to be folded washing pile in front of me, I could not refer to much of my surrounding as minimalist.) And I also love the vintage, floral look too.

But I’m a have your cake and eat it girl and I believe that you can combine styles, or at least I try to anyway!


The house we are living in is old with high ceilings and wooden floorboards, while a large amount of our furniture is modern. In our lounge we have black leather couches, a modern white desk and cushions and bean bags in both grey and olive green. If there is a room in our house that has some aspect of minimalism in it, it’s this one.


Recently we hung a lovely little floral painting from the op shop in this room, and although it looked nice; in many ways I think it made the big bare walls seem bigger and barer. Because of this I’ve been thinking of ways to somehow tie in this new addition with the more modern furniture, but still keep it a reasonably non cluttered space.


So as a breather from playing with my overlooker (which I’d done all morning while Isabelle slept), I made this little stitchery. (In case you wondered Noah spent the night at my Mum’s freeing me up for this craft burst!)

The idea is that the green used in it will tie in the with olive green accents already in the room.



I really should find a storage solution for the CD/ DVD pile!


Home sweet home is such a unique slogan (not), but it fits me well, as I’m a real homebody and love just pottering around the house. (This is quite fortunate since it’s my current place of work as a stay-at-home Mum!)

Have you done any crafting recently?

Jenny xox


Katydid said...

Well done Jenny!! LOVE the embroidery its looks delightful!! I havent forgotten about those cushions we were going to make.. let me know a time that works for you!! Later in the week is generally better for me but will totally fit in with you.. xxx

Anonymous said...

Perfect. I love the floral background.

Sally from Frills and Fun said...

Cute, cute!! :)
& i totally agree with you.I think you can definitely have more than one style of decor in your home... whatever you enjoy & love to have around you works!! :D