Thursday, 15 March 2012


It’s so true when people say that if you buy kids expensive gifts they usually just spend hours amusing themselves with the wrapping paper.

When we first moved up here from Wellington (and our tiny little townhouse with no yard) I could see how much Noah loved the freedom of being able to run around outside.

I guess I’ve kind of forgotten about that/ taken it for granted because I had recently been a bit discontent and thinking that I needed some exciting new outdoor play equipment(you know, slide/ trampoline/ playhouse etc…)

… But the kids couldn’t care less – give them some fresh air and each other’s company and they’re away laughing!


They’re quite a good example for us aren’t they? – being happy with the simple things.

And in a totally unrelated topic – make sure you head over to Stella's blog for a gorgeous giveaway (you could win a lovely tote back with a letter of the alphabet and lovely little drawing by Stella on it.) – If you do pop over from here, please mention that I sent you!

Also, stay tuned because next week I will be announcing a lovely little giveaway of my own!!

Happy Weekend


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Saffron Capson said...

Love this post. Great reminder to enjoy the simple things. Adorable pics!