Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Baby wrestling and boat shorts

When I received my scrap bag swap parcel some gorgeous blue vintage fabric with boats and bubbles/ circles literally jumped out at me screaming ‘make me into shorts for Noah.’

If you follow my blog closely you will have noticed that I have a thing for dressing the boy in boat shorts.


What began as a ‘photo shoot’ turned into an impromptu baby wrestle.




scrap bag swap 010

Isn’t it such adorable fabric?

And it was a great way for me to practice using my new overlocker.

Noah was staying at my Mum’s when I made them, and when he asked what I was doing, she replied “probably sewing” to which he said, “I know Nana, but WHAT is she sewing?” When I was reunited with him and gave him the shorts he said: “I yove (love) my boat shorts” and hugged them close. Cute aye?

Joining in with our creative spaces.

Jen x


Miriam said...

That is really cute! The shorts and his comments

Anonymous said...

Your kids are so cute! and I love the shorts.

Stella Rutherford said...

very cute! Would you share the pattern on here? Would love to make some little shorts for Garland next summer...

Jenny said...

Thanks everyone , and Stella I meant to put a link to the pattern here - so thanks for reminding me. I used the MADE pants with a flat front tutorial (but for shorts) from ... you need to follow the links within that to get the pattern. (I also didn't make mine as long as she did.) Hope that makes sense?