Sunday, 11 March 2012

A 10 minute project

In fact 10 minutes is probably being a bit generous. In any event this was one super simple and quick project. (The best kind!)


Wanting to put some more photos in Isabelle’s room for her to look at when in her cot, I purchased this frame and filled it with 2 black and white photos. The second photo didn’t look quite right and I wanted to use it elsewhere anyway , so I took it out and wondered what to do with the empty space.


In the lovely pile of fabric that I received as part of the scrap swap, was this lovely piece of vintage bark cloth. An extremely small but gorgeous piece, I knew I wanted to do something special with it.


I cut the heart frame out of felt and then embroidered around the outside, thus tacking the two bits of fabric together.

Easy peasy!

You should give it ago yourself, perhaps with your kid’s initials, or first name if it’s short… or, you could try something like this (my original source of inspiration.)

Jen x


Roslyn@Sew Delicious said...

So simple and really effective! Lovely!

thifty said...

CUTE! what a great way to use those lovely pieces that are too small for most ideas.

Sally said...

This is such a fantastic project idea. Love it. Have a frame ready and waiting for two pictures but with three children I couldn't decide on photos... easy - will use one child plus a piece of material that reminds me of them. Thanks so much for the brilliant idea.