Sunday, 26 February 2012


Despite feeling pretty under the weather for most of the weekend with a bad cold, we still managed to pack a lot in and have a bit of fun.

We had a surprise visit from Elysia (sister-in-law) and Natasha (brother-in-law’s girlfriend)who stayed in support of my brother in law Toby who has just moved up here to study at the Bible College (…and also to help celebrate his birthday, which was yesterday – more on that later.)

On Saturday we went to The 'Retromania Bazaar' – a market selling vintage and retro things.

I picked up..


… some retro ‘sugar’ and ‘rice’ tins for my pantry and a cute little notebook (with a roman sandal on the front), perfect for jotting down those craft (and other) ideas that come to me when I least expect it. (And some cute headbands for Isabelle)

Yesterday was Toby’s birthday and as I’d managed to get Elysia and Natasha addicted to Pinterest, naturally they made him a rainbow cake.


While I would love to claim credit for this thing of beauty, alas I can not – it was all Elysia and Natasha (although I did make the bunting and provided some taste testing assistance.)


We actually had him convinced that it was some kind of healthy coconut and raisin combination on the inside! Gotcha Toby!



The birthday boy



The kids (especially Noah) enjoyed our guests, and he got to do fun things like mini golf, while I stayed at home resting, recuperating (and sewing.)

Noah’s also going to love having Toby staying nearby, especially as Toby is fluent in Noah – with such sayings as “Follow my back” and “watch me do!”

Welcome to the Hawkes Bay and Happy Birthday Toby! And thanks for staying Natasha and Lecy!

Jenny xox


Days Of Our Lives said...

Dang it. Totally forgot about that retro market. Probably for the best considering Marcus is away and he is my voice of reason when it comes to impulse buying. I can picture myself coming home with all sorts of things!
I was at plunket this morning and they had the cutest little knickerbockers in the free clothing bin. They might be too small for her but I thought Isabelle would look darling in them so I grabbed them. I'll put them in Noah's notice holder at kindy if I don't see you this avo.
P.s. Your weekend looked fab! Yay for family. x

Katydid said...

ohhhh I love the tins you found!! ... and that cake is just gorgeous!! Nice pic of Toby.. he is already a much loved member of our family!! Thanks for hanging out with us today it was just lovely getting to know you better. xxx