Thursday, 2 February 2012

Things I’m Loving : Simple Pleasures


I recently discovered 'good' magazine. I mean, I’ve known about it for a while, seen it at the supermarket and heard ‘good’ things, but this was the first time I purchased a copy.

Turns out it’s really… ah.. good! I love the article in the most recent issue (issue 22) entitled ‘Cultivating the Art of Slow’ –  about rebelling against the ”frenetic pace” of modern life and taking time to slow down and enjoy simple pleasures.

“The desire to keep up with the Joneses has plagued humankind for ages – but never as intensely as in our consumer-driven modern times. Having it all in a fast world doesn’t just mean buying the right stuff – it means grappling with demanding jobs, keeping on top of demanding bills and, for many women, a precarious juggle of career and home.”

The whole article is so well written and I would love to quote large portions to you, but I suggest that you grab a copy and have a read for yourself. (It’s also likely that I’ll draw on this article in future blog posts.)

I’m also loving couple of  op-shop bargains I snagged recently…

Rainbow Shoes (I love Billy brand) – I don’t many opportunities to wear heels these days, but these are so cute and for only $1 (even better!)


Andrew bought the blue piggy bank for Noah when he was born, so you can imagine why I thought it was ‘fate’ when I spotted the pink piggy bank for 50 cents while on my rainbow shoes op-shop excursion.

Noah is extremely excited by this and has decided the pigs are ‘best friends’ and even donated half the coins from his pig to fill up Isabelle’s one. Pretty generous from old Noah who is just starting to understand the value of money in lollipop and train currency. (5 big gold ones = 1 train and 1 little gold one = about 5 lollipops.)

Also, how hilarious is this?

A bit of a Pinterest inside joke from Frangipani Designs – I came across it at our creative spaces last week and promptly pinned it.

Turns out HEAPS of other people love it too (and I might need to change my settings on Pinterest as I have been getting inundated with emails telling me it’s been repinned! Seriously more than 100 now!)

And lastly I’m loving little tan lines on little people from a lovely warm summer (that thankfully didn’t include any sunburn.) Nice memories of warmer weather in the dreary couple of days we’ve had recently.

(It’s hard to see in the last photo – but Noah has quite distinct glasses tan lines.)


Joining in with Paisley Jade’s things I'm loving

Jenny X


Anonymous said...

Must read the article in Good magazine - have been saving it for the long weekend. Re Pinterest, you can change your settings so that you only receive one e-mail a day or not at all. Was driving me crazy as well before I changed it.

Ange (Tall, Short and Tiny) said...

Wow, best $1.50 ever spent! Those piggy banks are adorable and your rainbow shoes...pretty!

Rach said...

Good is a fab magazine (recently discovered also), and a breath of fresh air compared to the usually more trashy ones around : )

Little Gumnut said...

Such beautiful blonde hair Noah has! Just gorgeous!

Notchka said...

Serious shoe envy. Hope they show up in a WW post real soon :) Love Good too - did you notice that about 90% of the fashion came from Starfish - I do love Starfish, they are a great label but sheesh. Need. More. Kiwi. Eco fashion. Aheermmm. I like that that magazine had great articles that made me think for days and days after reading it - I don't every thing I've said that about Vogue or Women's Weekly eh? ;P

PaisleyJade said...

That mag sounds great - and what a fab find with the piggy bank!! Thanks for joining in. xoxo

shorty said...

I am a huge 'good' fan, it is really really good!! I'm gathering ingredients to make the fizzy drinks. Delish-looking!

Well done on the thrify finds! And I do love the January Jandal Tan, I wish you lived nearer so I could add that to my instagram collection of JJTs hehe!

Jenny said...

Ha ha Mrs Short - did you also notice my jandal tan in the rainbow shoe shot? And those fizzy drinks in good - I know what you mean! - Makes me wish I had rhubarb in the garden!