Monday, 13 February 2012

An ‘old’ Valentines Poem

First I should qualify what I mean by old : not Shakespeare old, but this poem was written in 2005 by me to Andrew for a competition our local newspaper was running. Needless to say, I didn’t win.

To Andrew…

This Valentine’s Day, this 14th of Feb, Is the sixth we’ve celebrated together.

And is the second, we’ll share as husband and wife, still as in love as ever.

Some years we’ve treated it as just another day, and some years made a big deal.

Like the first year when you gave me a rose at school, and the time we went fishing for eels.

However, I am the one, who has more passion for the day, the one who gets caught up in all the ‘hype.’

As evidenced by your collection of heart-holding toys, and other such gifts of that type.

But, this Valentines Day, this 14th of Feb, whether we celebrate in style, or whatever.

All that I ask, as with the rest of our lives, is that we get to spend it together.


That is some mushy stuff!

It’s also ironic in a way because after that bit about ‘always spending it together’, it turns out Andrew is away working this Valentines Day. But I meant together, together as in, in a relationship together, okay? And besides I’m sure we’ll call or Skype each other.

You can probably tell from that last statement that I don’t really get caught up in the hype any more. After all it’s just one day out of 365.

When I was at school or even in the office – I always secretly hoped that I’d get sent flowers, kind of as a public confirmation that I was loved. But now I don’t feel that I need that, I know and am secure in the fact that I’m loved. (Although it is nice to get showered with flowers, chocolates and other gifts from time to time…)

I found the above poem recently in an old notebook that I’d written random thoughts and quotes in. I wrote down a quote from the movie ‘Captain Corelli’s Mandolin’ that I thought I’d also share with you:

“Love is what is left over when the feeling of being in love has burned away.”

(I would also add… and once the flowers have wilted and the chocolates been eaten!)

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Jenny x