Friday, 17 February 2012


This weekend is the art deco weekend in Napier. This was our second weekend going to the annual event and our first dressing up. (Well, me and the kids dressed up, Andrew was too cool for school.)

art deco 018art deco 026art deco 011art deco 012

It is a really awesome and huge weekend, with literally hundreds of events. We just went for a few hours and soaked up the atmosphere and people watched. I was really tempted to take photos of people who had awesome costumes, especially the little old ladies with their fur coats and parasols on the arm of a dapper old gentleman… but I guess it felt a little obvious, so I didn’t.

I didn’t get many photos of the vintage cars and goings on as I hoped, as I was too busy pointing out stuff to the kids, but I did get a mother-load of my kids all dressed up. (So apologies as this is really going to turn into a kid style, art deco edition type post.)

art deco 002

art deco 005art deco 015art deco 016art deco 017art deco 031art deco 034

{Isabelle wore: beautifully embroidered cream dress: op shop ($3), red shoes: op shop ($2); Noah wore: hat: postie plus ($7), grey blazer: made by me, T-shirt: The Warehouse ($5), shorts: pumpkin patch (old), shoes: op shop ($3), suspenders/ bracers: hand me down from my Auntie.}

We didn’t stay long, only a couple of hours… which was lucky because even the smallest dose of art deco can be very very tiring!

art deco 050

I plan to share ‘what I wore’ in my next Wardrobe Wednesday post.


Jenny x

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Oh precious - the last two photos especially