Saturday, 14 January 2012

Sun, surf and sand eating


I mentioned last post that I would share some other photos from our time in Otaki.

Not much needs to be said really. The weather was lovely and the pictures basically speak for themselves.


‘…mmm sand, tasty’



‘Enough with the Paparazzi Mum!’

We also spent a bit of time at the local park with my youngest sister-in-law (AKA Auntie Lecy)


Miss you Auntie Lecy (and everyone else of course!  –  Actually it was great, there was always so many friends and family around willing to play with the kids that I managed to have a pretty good break myself.)

Although I think the kids especially miss Lecy’s generously sized ice cream scoops!


Thanks for some lovely Summer memories

Jen x

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Days Of Our Lives said...

Gorgeous photos. Love the one of Noah's hand up. Classic! Have just noted the time (Marcus kindly unlocked the blog for me so I could finish my post) but now I'm just abusing it reading everyone elses news. WHAT are we still doing up? Crazy. Heading to bed now. Was lovely to meet on Friday- officially. I printed off that plum photo of noah so flick me your address and I'll post it to you. Thanks also for all your lovely comments on my blog. Nice to be read. x