Monday, 16 January 2012

Some links before I leave …

Here are a few articles/ blog posts and the like that I have found interesting and kinda neat recently:

  • A great little article about how to save money by going back to basics and reusing and recycling etc at the same time.
  • Suggestions on how to declutter a toddler's room – much needed by many of us post Christmas, I’m sure!
  • 'Taste-buds turn to local flavours' : an article about food predictions for 2012 – and how those in the know believe people will be wanting the simplicity of fresh, locally grown ingredients. The garden/ farm to plate idea.
  • An awesome blog post written by a new friend of mine about how easy it is to cultivate an argument in your head (especially with your husband) and how you can instead should try to put things in perspective and see things from the other persons point of view also.
  • The exciting news that Belle and Boo have put out a gorgeous new party range. Does it make me a bit of a hard out/ geek that I can’t wait until November until my little (Isa)Belle has another birthday? (perhaps I need to re-read this amazing blog post (from Dee’s blog) about making memories for our kids now rather than always thinking about the future/ wishing their lives away!)

Can you see why I’m a bit excited though? It’s gorgeous stuff. (Image from the Belle and Boo blog – click the image for the link and to see other lovely things.)

I can just imagine Isabelle with the Belle and Boo party range and a rainbow cake – similar to the one Ros has just posted on her blog.

OK – I think this now amounts to sufficient procrastination – I better go pack the last few things before we head away to camp for the week!

Jen x

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Days Of Our Lives said...

oh Jenny, so many beautiful things to look at. knew I shouldn't have logged in before heading to bed. You and your links have kept me up another hour! How gorgeous are those party invites! Have a great time camping. Will catch up next week.x