Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Homemade jam and “ginger–men”

While uploading the most recent photos from my camera I realised that they are all about food and eating. Well, I guess that’s the festive season for you!

I haven’t been blogging as much because I’ve been eating instead. (But cooking much less since we got the BBQ!)

Although we have made strawberry jam and gingerbread men in the last couple of weeks.

My sister (Auntie Holly) has been up visiting from Wellington, and the other day we all congregated at Mum’s house and make gingerbread men and watched the Lion King.


To say that we made gingerbread men is slightly inaccurate because really we made an eclectic assortment of gingerbread characters. In any event Noah referred to them all as “ginger men.”


Noah enjoyed cutting them out and icing them, but much preferred to eat them (or the dough) when ever he got the opportunity.

We ended up with HEAPS to ice and it was hard to think of new creative ways to ice them.

Well that was what I found anyway – but Holly kept me entertained with her never-ending repertoire of hilarious and very clever icing designs.

My favourites were …


‘Foot face’


… ‘jandal foot with a manicure’… and… ‘Moon with braces?/ pearly whites?’…


‘noughts and crosses (tic-tac-toe) bear’ … and … a cute bird


You can see we made quite a lot!

{ recipe from here }


I also recently made Strawberry Jam, given the large amount of strawberries left over from our Christmas Eve picking session.

I used this microwave recipe because I was feeling a little lazy and it turned out great!


Not bad for my first jam making attempt.

There’s nothing quite like making something out of fresh produce you’ve picked yourself. And I like teaching the kids where food comes from.

And for good measure here is a photo of Isabelle eating pancakes…


She’s getting pretty good with her cutlery!

What food are you enjoying growing/ catching/ making and eating this Summer?

Jenny Xx

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Anonymous said...

Ginger characters are always a firm favourite with kids and help to while away a few hours...though most times ours don't make it to icing stage :)

I've been enjoying just chilling these last few weeks, it's been bliss!